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  1. World Terra Fairgrounds is the premier location for entertainment in Second Life! You can expect various community and sporting events in the near future... Gacha sales, wrestling, football, racing, fashion shows, and more! The fairgrounds is the ideal site for meetings, conferences, trade shows and special events of all sizes. The Expo Hall and sim are also ready to rent (cheap prices too!) for your many versatile needs! For renting, just send Biller Longfall a PM or IM inworld. To view our schedule of events, please visit our website or visit us via our SLurl link! Website: http
  2. I did try the transparency thing in the control panel and it helped the shimmering a little, but the problem still exists for anything in the mid-far distance. For some reason, no matter if it's ALM or non-ALM, the anti-aliasing is really bad for objects in the distance, along with SOME shimmering. So, the AA will work for objects really close but objects in mid to far distance, the AA is really bad... I could tolerate it if it was in the far far distance, but it's close enough to where it's noticeable and looks low quality, more so than the old AMD card I had, which is surprising to me.
  3. Yes, hopefully @Whirly Fizzle can help out with this issue. I appreciate everyone's help so far... hopefully the solution is out there with this distance thing.
  4. With ALM on or off, it doesn't matter with the issue... I still have the issue of objects in the distance having jagged lines, unless I zoom in right on them. I've relogged with ALM on and I've relogged with ALM off, it's the same thing. And yes, under the app profile, everything is set to application controlled AA. I've set the slider and relogged, I've messed with each setting and relogged, etc. I always have DoF off, minus the one time I ticked it on before a relog to see if it would help anything, it didn't seem to help.
  5. I looked up some things about it... relogs doesn't seem to work at all and the issue happens with or without ALM on. I've tried logging on with all sorts of settings and nothing has seemed to work so far. Right now, I logged in with ALM off and the issue is still there... bad aliasing for objects in the distance, unless I zoom in right on them.
  6. I've been having a issue with the anti-aliasing, with every viewer I have tried. No matter which setting I use in the AA, from 2x to 16x, in the distance, I notice that it's very jagged around the edges of objects which isn't noticeable when you walk/zoom right up on a object but then you notice another object far off in the distance with the jagged edges... that's when I have ALM on (tried with and without shadows) When I turn ALM off, the AA is still bad with the distance issue. My draw distance is always at 256 and I'm using the GTX 1060 6GB graphics card. You have to be zoomed in
  7. Week 4 of the Sledgehamer Kart Series will officially begin Wednesday April 1st, at 6PMSLT. We will be hosting the race at a brand new track called, ''Devil's Elbow'', along with our brand new V2 race car, beginning at 6, followed with qualifying at 6:15PMSLT. The race will be non-damage and non-points, meaning anyone is invited to come race with us. Thank you and we hope to see you all there. Let's go racing drivers! WB Motorsports location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hamer%20Island/126/131/38
  8. Sex isn't good when it's infested the Sci-Fi RP sims and people don't focus on good RP's or character growth.
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