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  1. I am a very experienced model here and quite (SL) old. I have also modeled IRL and did that from 17 years old so I know thy game. I also do creation work as well. Looking to help designers co-create a unique look for their clothing brand and help them achieve their goals stylistically and in the best direction for them to receive a lot of positive consumer respect and of course money is made. I am positive with my help creators will have a great look and positive feedback, plus I’m a graphic designer and very good with logo design. Experience is of value and I am willing to discuss all that through email and on The Grid, please contact me regardless of time of day 24/7. I will make myself available dusk til dawn or more! And I guarantee you’ll enjoy my coordination and attitude in all seriousness to your product! The list of abilities I have can be used as a tool in real world applications as well as in SL. Further on still I understand how stressful it can be with a small or large project that is stumping you or stressing you out because of deadlines as well as real world and yes, SL stressors and I am fully willing to work around and help the work flow go as smoothly as possible. I have an attitude not only for success but an attitude for helping others grow at what they’re good at and creating. I can spot errors really well too and be straight forward about such things. I can teach creators how to move fast with their work flow. I enjoy helping others move into a position where they can do things great! My list of experiences include: - Graphic Design -Logo Design -Advertisement -Concept art -Architectural Design -3D Modeling in Blender -Fashion Modeling and Styling IRL and in SL -Runway - Male modeling and and understanding of the female modeling world too. -Logo Design -Sim Landscaping / Detail work -Project Leader/ Coordinator for RPG story creation and lore. Worked with a 21 member team -3D World, Object, Structure and Character Building. -3D printing -PC Building -Economics Knowledge and experience. -Store Knowledge -SL Business Knowledge and pricing know-how, such as how to build an epic brand. -Organization leader of a design firm -Freelancing -Production and Direction -Photography both in RL and in SL which I take very seriously. -Former Model Scout for a model booking agency in Hollywood CA. Lets chat and get to know each other Creators! Thank you for reading and enjoy the day! Rahsus Kronos —————————— rahsuskronos@gmail.com in-world: Rahsus Kronos -
  2. Hello to everyone that clicked on this topic post. Today I am looking for a someone to host the sim "GridWorld". It will be a mysterious place with a combat system and I would like to have NPC's as well. I am not too experienced with Meshing although I did study 3d design in college. I would like to form a team on SL to create this sim. Think Dark Crystal meets Final Fantasy Meets Tron Meets Ready Player One meets dot hack sign meets Disc World. Everyone in this world is aware that they are in an online universe. Set on many different tiered realms with a bazaar and hud and all that. If anyone is interested in helping with this project please contact me Rahsus Kronos either here or in world. We need Scripters Concept artists Role play experts Mesh artists Architectually inclined people that know the scaling of buildings on large scale. Also forested areas and Floating islands and alien like plants and animals. Thanks. Rahsus Kronos Search GridWorld Group on Secondlife. https://www.flickr.com/photos/183973938@N05/
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