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  1. Martian have to tried resetting to default avi?
  2. I like the concept of the one size fits all however one of the great things I loved about mesh was it was correct in things such as T shirts (no dipping between the breasts) and the absence of volume under the arms. In my opinion the rigged mesh in the vid looks better than the fitted
  3. Wow 12 months on and this still isn't fixed....I listed 2 new items yesterday (1 of which has sold already) and neither are showing in the report at all. Would be nice to see this fixed
  4. I'm getting this too. It is happening in both Firefox and Chrome. I've tried clearing cache, temp internet files and cookies to no avail and it doesn't matter how many tabs I have open. All my other sites are not experiencing this problem.... My concern at the moment is I have rent to pay inworld on Tuesday and I will not be buying lindens on a unsecure site
  5. Am glad this isn't just me, I purchased an outfit a few days ago and went to unpack it yesterday. All the contents showed in the box but somewhere between the box and my inventory they just dissapeared into the ether. 24 hours later and the objects haven't appeared back in the box or in my inventory....Never had this happen in 4 years and I really hope it gets fixed
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