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  1. Hi Drax My self pippa kessel and my hubby gib zebberman met in secondlife 10 years ago and hit it off right away, we wanted to start a real life together but i was in the UK and my sl hubby was USA...he did try to come over for a visit but was stopped and sent back oh and filmed and made it on to boarder control program..so i packed up and went to him for 3 months..but sadly that had to end..we then applied for a fiancée visa but got refused ..this went on for a year but finally 18 month later (2010) we got married in his mums garden ...after that i left for home and the visa process st
  2. You could have still explored all of SL even as a Vamp, i have been a vamp since june 2008 and it didnt stop me, i have even married my SL hubby who's also a vamp and my blood partner in real life, and we still play SL even now we have RL
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