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  1. http://redirect.hotkeys.com/?a=secondlfe.com This is what I get if I type my profile as the usual format my.secondlife.com/alia.baroque, logged on website, not inworld. Unsure if it's just me.
  2. I Am not sure from where to start. My experience in SL might be somewhat different than most, since business owner, managing customer care and dealing with note compiling, and a lot of item drops over profiles. I tested it, as usual, I keep giving it a try and the result is anything I need to do takes me at least 3 more steps to complete. From social interactions, to building ability, to work on avatar layers and customization, and now even dealing with people profiles. I didn't see any improvement in the V2 UI since the choice of undocking the sidebar. I still need at least 60% time more spent inworld if I use V2 rather than phoenix. I am sorry...but I really think you shall learn from the phoenix team. Now please allow me to share some issues I find unproductive for my personal second life: - What the hell is going on lately, this week LAG was at a peak everywhere randomly, what's happening? - Please keep all you can inworld, SL is beautiful, it's 3D, it's a great place, let people enjoy it. Stop directing the community to a plain 2d webpage. Why do we build and rent sims then? - Fix search. I can't find things. I like to shop inworld. - Be sure my hidden groups are hidden to all, thank you. I don't wish all my customers to see my private side of sl. - Please do not sell me on facebook, I have no trust on their marketing, privacy and data usage. Widgets are great, advertising on facebook go for it (LL shall anyway advertise more) but keep my data, cookies, etc safe. Use facebook to the bone, LL; but do not make facebook use you. - Leave to us the ability to share our RL, it's something private. Second life shall keep in mind people wishes freedom from RL boundaries. Any possible connection (even if technically impossible) freaks the hell out of residents, limits the feeling of freedom and careless attitude. Let people feel relaxed, safe and happy, it's what SL is for. It's not about the facebook button being used, it's just its presence over a profile that is uncomfortable, allow to OPT IN for who needs that facebook button, I would opt in personally for business reasons, but my alt wouldn't. It's also about visual communication, hire a specialist. - I own more than 5 sims, am of course a premium account, do I really need to stare at advertising? - FIX the V2 User Interface, that type of interface doesn't stimulate an easy approach to creativity. I love Second Life, I create Second Life, I will stay in Second Life basically whatever you do, but please do not abuse our being in love with this World we all created.
  3. SPQSV Senatus Populusque Secundae Vitae (Linden Labs and Residents of Second Life) Seeing such a genuine and sincere post as first of yours made probably my year. Good work Rod and enjoy the Journey.
  4. That's the best comment I ever read in this forums. Kim, take this as Bible!
  5. Hello Kim, glad you took the red pill.
  6. Thank you Ceera, That actually gave me some informations more about what might come and really are useful. Truly a solution provider, and thanks for the transfer demo tip, that I actually found myself many times into, not a bad idea at all. Might use actually xstreet as a source of demos, Alia
  7. I had thoughts about this issue in the past, what choice to make, if to change my policy and so on. I never had direct complaints about my demos at 1L but anyway considered someone can think it's a way to abuse the good will of a customer or many other issues. Seriously, I can't really even imagine how someone can even consider there can be any profit from 1L demos. I can give you my personal explanation here: - For me as main is a matter of tracking, I reach the transaction limit of 500 in something slightly more than one day, being able to take off the 0L gives me around one day more. I have really many freebies around and I find important seeing what people is interested into and sometimes I am unable to download the transaction history daily, which I also need for customer care purpose. I am not sure how many know the amount of textures a skin takes, but I can give you an example here taking my hybrid line as example. I will not of course even mention the work on creating the skin itself, but just simple plain texture numbers as tga's made from psd files you are working on, and not even the tests but simply the final result. My whole 3 lines of hybrids skins, both genders, are made of 864 textures, and demos for the Hybrid line are made of totally new other 864 textures.Takes time to make demos, and is a necessary thing for a product of this kind. IF1L cannot be understood as a simple matter of tracking, which IS, then can be at least be considered a small contribution to the demo texture upload cost which is 8.640L and a small thank you for those 0L freebies I offer and that grab me space in my limit of 500 in the transaction history. But there is one option that would all of us make quite happy, asking Linden Labs to have that limit raised by request, and I do not think is a bad idea at all. And now that they merged the transactions with xstreet is even worst. Anyway, thanks for reading folks, hope this can help you see how it works on the other side of the demo box, Alia P.S. (To those to compare demos to going in a shop and not paying to try something, did you ever considered the fact you actually try directly what you buy, and that you do not have another exact same sweater for trying. Do you have the ability to try at the Hairdresser and then say when it's over I don't like it I don't pay you? Same with make up artists and manicure?)
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