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  1. There are 3 ways to make your avie become substantial. 1) go to the library in incedental avatars and drag another avie onto yourself 2) make a folder... in your inventory drag pants, underpants, shirt skin and shape. it wont be atractive but your av will rez 3) go to avatar> avatar health and reset your av. back to the girl with brown hair and polkadots FYI make an outfit in advance and drag the "original" you onto the cloud or egg.... That will make it easier to get all your attachments back onto you. After that try making an outfit, it is good experience in general to kno
  2. The video http://aviewtv.com/videos/51065/ Jessica Lyon video, regarding settings I have learned SO much from this video. Jessica Lyon is amazing. if there is a problem, go to her videos. I follow all of her videos!
  3. I was at a circus earlier and I wanted to dance woth a friend. the poseball would not respond to right click and sit. How do i fix it?
  4. Jazzcute If you are on the sl regular viewer and your friend is across the grid, if you are IMing them you can click their highlighted name in chat to bring up their profile. From there you can request a teleport using the button that says "request teleport". or explain this to the other person. also save landmarks in your landmark folder for convienient use.
  5. 2 ways: 1 is to send it to your email! it is easy enough to figure out. Second is to save, or "save as". If you save as you have the control to save it to your desktop or to "my pictures" It give you the flexability to chose where you want to put it. i just put it on my desktop.
  6. My right click and sit is gone as well. I cannot do couples dances or use the tai chi balls
  7. At first my WASD keys were great to use for movement. I really dislike the arrows it is a very non-intuitive way to navigate Re: walking. I have tried many times to use firestorm to get my w a s d to work. even though i have unchecked almost everything regarding move and view. it was just fine until I got the message that firestorm had an update. Now I cannot move or use any keys to walk other than the d key and the s key. I hate the arrow keys, it is counter intuitive. Is there a way to undo the update for me so I can walk with grace? I tried everything to get to my wasd. I even
  8. I do not seem to be able to listen to music I have played with all the buttons without any success
  9. I have been trying for three days now to get the right configuration so I can use firestorm for movement ( WASD). The only key that works is the D key, which only turns me around in a circle. I woud greatly appreciate being able to use W A S D in Firestorm. Many thanks in advance ~Neon Hammerer
  10. If your shape won't load 1) make a folder 2) in the folder put in a skin, a shape pants, hair and a shirt, then right click the folder and select replace. 3) or go to advanced, character, character test, test female (or male) it will bring you to a noob state but at least you will have a loaded avatar, from there you can change what you need to change. Neon Hammerer
  11. if you have the control buttons in a row at the bottom you can find all of the buttons on the far right. it looks like leaves around a globe.
  12. Hello, Recently I was shocked to know that my avatar was blocked! I freaked out it was only a couple dollars but still I couldn't use her (Neon Hammerer) . I want to thank all of the support people involved in freeing my avatar. I was able to find a way to get the lindens to reactivate her. if I had not had the support i would have lost all my builds and many friends. Thank you support. Happy Hollidays
  13. Hello I bought a latex nurse outfit Invoice # 1307881617 Ordered on November 08, 2012 Order Status: Delivered Description Item IDs Unit Price Qty Total: Naughty Nurse - Xstreet Promo Price Sold by Ketzal Frankfurter Visit The StoreReview Product 86640836, 86640837 L$49 2 L$98 2 items have been deliveredItem(s) will be delivered to the Objects folder. Total: L$98 I did not want towo of the same item. SO i would like to have a refund. on both of them. the skirt in the photo did not have the correct skirt, at least not the same one in the photo. , so not only was the photo
  14. I should have a linden home where is it
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