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  1. 4 hours ago, Dessi Tyran said:

    Please explain to me, how a gacha reseller is suppose to know a creator from a foreign country has created something or its name would be considered intellectual property infringement? Furthermore, know all the US based words and brands that are protected by intellectual property; copyright, patent, trademarks and trade secrets?

    This is the thing that concerns me too. With all the creators we have from around the world, I have no idea what would be classed as intellectual property and yes I know as you say you can google, but what if you don't suspect and you list something anyway, then you get hit with a warning or a ban for something that you honestly didn't realize you had done wrong because you didn't create the item. I'm then gonna be worried about anything else I've listed.  I do try and stick to creators I know and whose Gachas I have played regularly but mistakes happen. I will certainly take more care when listing in the future but feel that resellers shouldn't be treated as harshly as a creator would, Just my opinion of course.

  2. 1 minute ago, Opal Faith said:

    I don't even know what I have to relist like you did Rhi... because inworld they all show as "active" and if I check for errors there are none

    The only way to know is clicking "unlist" then "list" for every item you can think of, I've been cleaning out my inventory over the last week so I have listed so many items, I can't remember them all, ughhh

  3. On 12/13/2020 at 2:52 PM, Whirly Fizzle said:

    LL just posted the group chat issues on the grid status: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/y93b1n2ms6w9

    An update would be nice, they posted on Grid Status 2 days ago but have said nothing since, this isn't a new issue as we had this same problem a month ago and they fixed it, all be it temporarily. 3 days without being able to post or see any group chats is frustrating.

  4. I had this issue about a month ago and it appeared to be fixed but for the last 2 days again I am unable to post in any of my group chats. Very few group chats are opening for me either, so I can't see if anyone else is posting. This is very frustrating.

  5. I'm getting the same problem, spoke to 2 friends of mine and they are getting it too, it's not just you :(


    Also on every one of my listings old and new I have this -  SL folder name:The folder name failed to load. Refresh the page to try again.

    it still lets me list the item but not sure why that error is constantly there, it's been like that for about a week. They do MP maintenance but it's not fixing the issues, just causing more.

  6. I've noticed this over the last week or so, advertising my gacha stores, the chat doesn't show up in the chat box for me but others see it, the problem is people are posting 2 or 3 times cause they can't see their own chat but others can. I have noticed it only seems to be when a slurl is attached to the post, regular chat goes through ok.

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  7. I had a linden dollar assessment too, I actually reported it just after it happened as I was suspicious of it. noticed the money was taken back this morning so I just filed my ticket, waiting to hear now. 3 of us got hit by the same person.

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  8. I've noticed the last couple of days that I'm not receiving all my emails from sales on the Marketplace, I get a majority of them but there are still quite a few not going through, I have a g.mail account and I have checked to make sure my settings in SL are all correct and they are, it's very frustrating!

  9. I have posted this before but I will post this again as it's now been 4 months since I have been able to list anything on marketplace. Every time I try I get an error message telling me I already have 20,000 items listed which is the max allowed for any store, I have less than 500 items listed. I am a Gacha reseller  and have been listing for more than 3 years so am constantly adding and deleting listings once items are sold out. I was told previously that it looks like it is including all my archived listings, therefore thinks I have 20,000. I was told to make an alt and open a store on that account, which I have done but I have built up my reputation on my main account and felt like I was starting over again. Nobody seems to want to answer my questions regarding how much longer I am going to have to wait before I can list again, I think I have been very patient but I'm starting to get frustrated with this, I don't want to have to run 2 avatars and 2 marketplace stores, it's a pain, please tell me there is a fix coming very soon for this!

  10. Are there any updates on the Marketplace listing bug that says you already have 20,000 items listed which is the limit for any store even though you don't, I've reported this bug but it's now been more than 3 months since I've been able to list anything new, I'm currently using an alt but would prefer to be using my main account. Previously when I asked I was told there was no ETA on a fix.

  11. I also have this issue, I filed a ticket and was told that this issue isn't even being looked at yet. It's now been almost 3 months and I'm still unable to list on Marketplace due to this bug, I did create a store on my alt to list on there but I would rather be listing on my main avatar, is there any idea when this is going to be fixed? i feel I have been patient and that after 3 months there must be some solution to this problem, any updates??

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