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  1. I did add all purchase data, omitted it as to not identify vendor. Vendors profile seemed warm and even mentioned they would do commission work. So note from a customer shouldn't be out of the ordinary. I agree the second note did have an accusatory sense to it, but in the past all note I had sent to other vendors were responded to in 4 to 7 days, add these are high sales places with a large amount of customers. The vendor I'm dealing with now was just starting out when I made my purchase. Not saying I handled myself to the highest standard, And I am willing to make a apology for my behavior,
  2. Sorry last post wasn't quite accurate Here is what I sent in note. "Greetings I purchased one of your outfits and recently saw you revised said outfit. I was wondering if I could get the updated version?" Along the same lines as before, In addition I added this. "I first sent this about a month ago, so you have had plenty of time to respond. Please don't ignore your costumers."
  3. I asked in this way. I saw that the item I purchased has an updated version, is it possible to get an updated version sent to me? No demands, I just asked if it was possible. They could have replied and said no, and I would have accepted that. However to not respond at all is what made me angry. I spent L$999 I've had vendors send me updates on L$50 purchases before. and many vendors have it so updates are automatically sent to all who purchased in the past. This vendor just seems to think any contact from me is malicious and mutes and reports me.
  4. Now is it wrong of me to send a note card to a designer/vendor asking if it was possible to get an updated version of a purchased product? Is it being a nuisance to wait another month, without reply and send a second note? Am I being a troll by seeing the designer/vendor at an in world location and sending them an IM,which was not replied to? Did I go to far by asking this person to please respond a few times then getting muted? Did I abuse the review system by purchasing their demos and leaving a review warning people that this designer/vendor has poor costumer service and is non responsive t
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