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  1. Bambi? Bored in SL?  Let me echo Jaylin's comments above. You may get challenged and confused in SL, and sometimes feel frustrated or even angry over grid/ server issues. But come hook up with the SL sailing community... Let me tell you, you'll never get Bored. :-)
  2. Hi! The info above is great; but let me also add the Sailing Resource Centers. Recently a group of sailors got together to help spread info about sailing in Second Life; there are currently three centers in Sansara where you can get much information about sailing, free boats and demos, and lots of landmarks. Here's a link to an article with all the details and locations of the free Resource spots; it also includes a long list of 'cruising outposts' where you can launch your boat, or join up with a casual cruise fleet that sets sail multiple times each week. You don't even need a boat for that; just hop aboard and crew for any of the skippers! http://metaversesailing.wordpress.com/2011/04/29/outreach-and-outposts/:-)
  3. Today I heard that Blondin Linden is no longer with Linden Lab. I'm part of the sailing community in Second Life, and just wanted to comment that over the past many months Blondin was very helpful; he attended to many sailing issues on a host of levels. We will all miss him, and I know together we wish him fair winds and a safe harbor in any future endeavor.
  4. Ian said: "I hear water sports are popular in SL. I'm not sure whether you have to go to Zindra them." ***************** Ian, you may have something else in mind, :smileyhappy: but let me use your comment to add a big plug here for SL Sailing. Second Life has a truly wonderful and diverse community of sailors; they've grown and evolved in SL over the past eight years. There are now several wind engines by great scripters that power many great sailing emulations, and every day the sailing experience in SL gets closer to Real Life. No surprise, the SL community of sailors has grown far beyond vehicle and race scripts. There are now several hundred marinas, shops, yacht clubs, boat builders, and residential maritime estates scattered across the mainland waterways and offshore islands. That adds up to a lot of jokes, a lot of cruises, a lot of races... and quite a few memorable late-night sails over beautiful oceans with good friends. OK, I love SL hockey, and many other SL sports too. They are all pretty fantastic. However, when a new person asks me "What's good about SL, anyway?" I usually introduce them to a sailor. :-) Actually... I show them a few videos first. Here's the new Sailing Promo video by Surfwidow Beaumont and Charlz Price. Here's Surfwidow's video from the 2007 SL Americas Cup Event: And if that's not enough, I posted Don Berithos' homage to the upcoming Americas Cup Challenge in RL and SL here: http://metaversesailing.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/the-cup-is-back/ See you on the dock! :smileyhappy:
  5. I can only comment about SL Sailing, not other aspects of Tiny existence. :smileyhappy: However, this weekend (Saturday, April 16) there's a day-long sailing regatta for Tinies at Triumphal Yacht Club. Stop by for non-stop free boats, races, cruises, and tunes played by live DJ's. It's going to be the biggest... errr I mean the tiniest... sailing event of April! Speaking of Tiny sailors, Beejee Boucher hosts SLOOTERS Club (not Hooters! :smileyhappy:) (Beejee is wagging his tail in the poster to the Right) SLOOTERS is only for Tinies; it's pretty outrageous, it's very, very funny, and it's located on the shores of Vuissant sim in GAETA. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vuissant/67/12/23 So, If you want more info on TINY WORLD REGATTA, go here. For a video of a recent SLOOTERS party, go .[PS: Blondin, Michael? At some point GAETA could use a Linden sailboat raceline. Something that supports the Tinies in Vuissant could be used by the whole continent there, independent of sailor-size. A raceline near Vuissant would also serve as a unique magnet to draw Tiny sailors from all over the grid.] (just my thought)
  6. I agree with Indigo that "Mowry Bay" might well be considered a small, separate region. From 2006-2011, the Mowry Bay Yacht Club and Embalming Society helped nurture and build Sailing in Second Life. In 2009 I wrote a series of three articles about Mowry's racing (here, here, and here); I barely scratched the surface talking about the history of that spot. :-) Last summer, with some GREAT Linden help, Mowry Bay's racelines and buoys were upgraded. Mare Secundus region also got a great upgrade, expanding the waterway options for racing, cruising, and just-plain-exploring. :-) Icarus' map currently groups the "Mowry Bay" sims of Hepurn, Hane, Jascle, Elderbridge, and Henshaw together with the Mare Secundus region. I think by history, tradition, style and usage, maybe those five sims have earned enough 'street cred' with sailors to warrant their own region name. That water will always be "Mowry Bay" to me. :-) Just my thought :smileyhappy:
  7. I posted a note to the sailing groups; I hope it gets Icarus more feedback on waterways. :smileyhappy: I think this is an important issue.
  8. Two quick questions Q1. Am I correct the name is now "ICE BAY," not "Icy Bay" ? Q2. Are there names for those two large lakes that separate the BEAR and BRAUNWORTH regions, south of FABLES? :-)
  9. Icarus, I love it! I did a few large-format charts last summer as well, showing the Sansara changes through the end of August, although I was primarily focusing on the sailing regions: http://metaversesailing.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/sansara-shines Here's a low-gain view of one of those charts. The region names I used were from SL-Wiki, and hopelessly ancient. :smileysurprised: (Things change rapidly around here) Here's a full-size 6,000pixel -wide version of the chart with all the details: http://metaversesailing.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/sansara-aug-29-large-annotated.jpg Michael Linden also made a rather wondrous nautical chart of the Sea of Fables region; I use it often to make sailboat race charts. You can get a full size version of Michael's map here. I think your project sounds GREAT; I can't wait to see how it turns out! P.S: Where did all the Cape Cod names come from in Bay City Westside??
  10. to Kasha and Daisey: I agree AO can be an issue, but on most current sailing boats it's something else. AO will just affect the 'sit and sailing poses' on a boat. If you think there are major physics engine issues with a sailboat, and you can't get a good answer from the boat builder, I'd suggest: Owen Oyen, Elisha Paklena, or Bato Brendel. They are all great people, and they've worked very hard to make sure sailboats survived sequential SL physics engine upgrades. :-) If they cannot help, I'd suggest contacting Andrew Linden. I've found him extremely wise and helpful over the past few years when grid problems impacted sailing. Having said that, I think nearly all sailboats in SL now work rather well; in fact, most of the friendly arguments these days are about 'perceptual accuracy of the emulation...' The discussions are not about boats that fail to work. At the same time, I agree with you that sailboat physics are super-important in SL; thats why I'm here too! :-) I'd suggest an easy wayy to stay on top of it is to join a discussion group like SLSailing.net so you can talk with the sailboat developers. :-) XXX
  11. Let me add another comment about "Sansara Sailing" areas: After the major changes to Sansara sailing sites this past summer, the LL Dept Public Works moles were not done; they added ice floes to Icy Bay! (see a map here to find Icy Bay). I can't think of any other spot on the grid that offers artic cruising. :-). Thank you to DPW!
  12. Knowl Paine said: In Hepurn region is a place to rez and sail boats. Not sure how exciting it is but it is a decent place/activity to spend time with another person. Hepurn and hepburn are real close. The region with sailing is Hepurn. Woots Yes! This past summer LL Deptartment of Public Works did a pretty incredible job upgrading the waterways and public islands in Sansara. Hepurn is located in Sansara, and has a brand new raceline. There are four more new Linden racelines in sailing distance of Hepurn, as well as major changes to the maritime sims around Sea of Fables. If you want a quick update and a detailed map with the sailing features, I posted about it here: http://metaversesailing.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/sansara-shines/ Yoiu can also get a GREAT nautical map of Fables done by Michael Linden here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/DPW-Department-of-Public-Works/Sea-of-Fables/ba-p/669426 SANSARA is GREAT Sailing!
  13. Wow :smileytongue: What a great question! There are so many places to sail, and so many great yacht clubs and sailing groups in SL. My strong suggestion is to join the Second Life Sailing Association inworld, and to come visit SLSailing.net. There are hundreds of people who will give you maps, share many free boats, resources, and tools, and invite you to some pretty fantastic racing or cruising events! Last I looked there were roughly 2,000 active sailors in SL from pretty much all corners of the RL world (except maybe Antarctica, they have ice boats there :-) ).
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