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  1. I was a member of Rhydin for a VERY VERY long long time. I started role-playing when I was twelve back in the day and i'm 35 now. Rhy'din was once and I mean ONCE a good concept. Back in the days of America Online? Red Dragon Inn was all a buzz with role-play. However and this is a BIG however... Everyone and I mean Every God D#$% body was an immortal/vampire/angel amalgamation with emerald green eyes and looong flowy raven hair. It got so God D$%^ cliche after a while. Everyone did it. Thankfully for me? I didn't conform to that and merely made unique characters. [Or I at least tried to] I still do to this day and I pick a species and stay with it! For the love of all that is holy and good on Second Life? DO NOT bring Rhy'din to Second Life and trash it up! Rhy'din became a cess pool. An utter God D$%^ cess pool full of edge lords. All these edge lords stayed in Red Dragon Inn intensely staring at each other from the shadows until one lost. Then the loser had to get up, go over, and listen to the winners "tragic" back history. So no thank you. No thank you at ALL. I repeat. DO. Not. Bring. Rhy'din. To. Second Life. Please. Second Life is full of unique characters and has a vast community of wonderful avid role-players. Do not muck this up by bringing that horrid concept back into the lime light. No. Just no. Stop it. Enjoy Second Life and it's uniqueness of what it has become. Second Life is still pretty much shiny and brand new until Sansar get's it's virtual sea legs up and running. Until then? Enjoy Second Life as is. Rhy'din is a bad part of the role-playing past of many members that they do not wish to repeat. [Me included in this] It would bring out alllllll the edge lords and trolls utterly destroying what little community of role-players we have as of currently on SL. We have enough time of dealing with greifers and their troubles. Bring out the edge lords and attention seekers? It will utterly come all crashing down like a house of cards in no time. So once again. No. Just No. Nada. Not Ever.. Stop it...... Shut up Meg... >.>
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