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  1. Thank you Rolig and Steph for your fast response, I already was trying to implement what Rolig had said but ended in some Errors so I knew I still did not find the right places for the different events .... but the script Steph just posted is working, jayyyy , you have no idea how happy I am now after so many headbreaking days, thank you so much😘 Mistral
  2. Hello, I am struggling with a script for days now and hope to find some help here. I am working on a HUD for my FX and Light Screen, almost everything works but I can´t figure out what I am missing in the blinking script. The prim where this receiver script is in only blink once when BlinkON is activated in stead of over and over again. Any help is much appreciated 😊 Thanks, Mistral Shieldmaiden ------ vector color = <1,1,1>; float intensity = 1.000; float radius = 10.000; float falloff = 0.750; default { state_entry() { llSetTimerE
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