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  1. The solution isn't intended to be that everyone makes their own alphas, but that the market will provide them. The Slink Redux body comes with a base set, no doubt more such sets will be released by others. You can combine alphas as well by wearing multiple, so thousands is way, way overstated. What wearable alphas allow for is that those who can and want to use photoshop can make more precise ones, which gives an advantage over preset alpha cuts.
  2. Haven't the UUIDs changed again since then, though?
  3. If it is the one called Bake on Mesh skin applier, I am not sure it is working with the latest UUIDs.
  4. Slink's updated body ships with a set of standard alphas. Other bodies will no doubt do the same and there will be packs created on the marketplace. Using premade alphas that may not be ideal fits is about the same as using alpha cuts.
  5. Slink has now released their update and posted a FAQ as well: https://slinkstyle.com/slink-redux-and-bakes-on-mesh-faq/
  6. I've had a bit of a skin dry spell lately; there's so much coming out that its hard to spot the real gems. Nomine's Magpie skin is one that I've enjoyed a lot and also a pair of skins called Hanna and Mylie from RocoQue. I like the "small cleavage" option for those two skins.
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