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  1. Yes it is. In RL I don't need an applier to get dressed, and until mesh came along I didn't need it in SL. I did not realise when I posted on here as a "consumer" that it was under the creation forum. I don't think those of you who are creators realise how many people either struggle to understand or don't want to understand the technology behind SL.
  2. Skell I wasnt knocking your efforts just it required a level of technical understanding beyond mine. My default position when i have issues with clothing now is to hit reset and fix layers until everything goes away and I can start again So looking at the video (thank you to Wulfie) as well as your guide, a beginners guide for complete idiots like me would appear to be 1. You cant use BOM on your existing mesh body even though you now have a BOM compatible viewer 2. See if your body has been updated to be BOM compatible.if not and you don't want to do anything technical wait until it is 3 Once you have a compatible body you should be able to wear your old clothing on the updated body simply using add to wear. 4. If that doesn't work its probably something to do with your skin that is stopping it, and you will need to ask your body/skin creator/ help group for assistance if you cant sort it out yourslf
  3. Thanks for the dummies version but I got lost even on that one half way through. Do I understand correctly though that this is not a return to a simple "add to wear " for non mesh clothing or mesh bodies but some approaching a mesh squared level of complexity for those of us who have never really had the desire to investigate how sl works?
  4. must be having issues with their web site server too as that message took 15 minutes to appear
  5. They post it on twitter but cannot be bothered to update the status on their own website? How many users even know SL have a twitter account?
  6. and of course the lindens are not showing any issues on their grid status.
  7. is that you need a good broadband connection to see it . With LL emphasis on gimmicks before service altering viewer settings to see mesh ends up with everyone with slow connections lagging. So i would like to see mesh free zones, and designers telling you when their stuff is mesh, I had a big argument with one before they wolud give me my money back after selling me a mesh dress that they had described as one
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