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  1. Unfortunately - When you load a Third Party Viewer like Emerald the registry is NOT automatically changed!!! I needed to do it by hand. Apparently it only keeps up with the last LINDEN LABS viewer that was loaded. NOT the last third party viewer!!!
  2. BankOf Ishelwood - I agree with what you say but the intent of SLURL was to make it convenient for a user just to click on it and open the viewer or create a LM if the viewer is already open. I would hope that LL would fix SLURL to work with third party viewers - perhaps if they implemented the registration / certification of the viewer then that would allow SLURL to access the certified / registered viewer?
  3. Claire - I wonder if you are talking about an SLURL that you access on the internet, such as Xstreet or another RL website. SLURLs that are posted in local chat or IM INWORLD work fine with Emerald. I agree that Snoglobe may work if it is one of the viewers loaded in your computer because it is recognized as one of the viewers developed by Linden Labs. In my experience, if you completely remove all Linden Lab viewers from your computer I cannot get SLURLs from Xstreet to open Emerald or any other third party viewers. If you can get Xstreet SLURLs to work from Xstreet can you please tell me which browser you are using to view Xstreet and what the version is? Did you have to set the options in the browser to get it to work correctly with Emerald? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have a question about merchants in Xstreet that use SLURLs to teleport their customers to inworld stores or other inworld sites. It seems that if all you have is a third party viewer, such as Emerald, that the SLURL does not work. It will not launch the Emerald viewer, or any other third party viewer, nor will it give you a LM if you already have the viewer open. I have tried several different browsers but have not had any success until I installed the standard SL viewer. You used to be able to edit the MIME to get the third party viewers to work but MIME Edit is no longer available with currently available browsers, I assume for security reasons. Are there any plans to have SLURLs work with third party viewers in the future? Thanks Bongo Ragu
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