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  1. I had a very similar experience to Yikes - even after I had agreed the purchase with Alison and we had raised the transfer tickets, she still had open rent boxes all over the island. At one point while I was waiting for the transfer to go through I was stood there, shaking my head at this, when somebody appeared right next to me and rented a plot - I advised him that he ought to ask for a refund as I had no intention of continuing the rentals after the transfer, and an hour later I discovered that I had been banned from the region! All my messages asking about the existing renters (some of who had paid as much as six weeks rent in advance) were ignored, and after the transfer went through I had to deal with an endless procession of people asking /me/ for refunds (which must have totaled many tens of thousands of L$) and even some threatening griefing attacks - none of them had been informed that the region was being sold, and had been paying money into their rent boxes as normal right up to the last day.

    Whatever the claims of "taking care of her people", I certainly saw no evidence of this during my dealings with her - instead it seemed that she was determined to suck in as much money as possible from her unwitting tenants in the time between deciding to sell the region and the transfer being completed, which seemed a highly dubious business practice to me!

    As Yikes says - be very careful, in my opinion she is as slippery as an eel.


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