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  1. Hi! I am a photographer and am either looking to join a studio or make one of my own and came up with an idea. I'd like to find a roleplay community to maybe have the studio in and make it a part of the rp. I think it would be fun to do the photo sessions as part of the rp. I'd offer the photos for either the rp characters or normal if preferred and could do either green screen edited photos or photos taken on the sim. I have worked for a couple of studios, A Touch of Glamour and OverExposure Photography as well as done freelance work for friends and family and contacts through them. I would s
  2. I am interested in finding some work in SL. I have played SL for almost 2.5 years and have a wide range of interests. I like to build and make things. I have experience with making: clothing and poses, texuring of buildings, some work with clubs. I love photography the most and love to experiment with inworld lighting as well as post-work in photoshop and a few online applications. I love learning new things and have been looking for a place I can learn more about photography or a studio where I can earn lindens while doing work I love. I have some experience taking photos in SL having done i
  3. I finally chanced upon what step I was missing. I needed to export the clothing as an obj from 2.62 and import it into 2.49 before rigging. Then I just have to remember to delete the materials and it works just fine although my 2.49 keeps crashing if I try to do the rigging for more than one item in a row. Thank you for your reply though! Lilli
  4. I have made a couple of shirt models that I am happy with but for some reason I am having a hard time getting them to rig in Blender 2.49 sometimes getting an error, or if it works in 2.49 then when I try to upload it the skin weights do not show up in the upload. I have been using the workflow from Ashasekayi's tutorial series and the avatar workbench from Machinimatrix and the new standard sizing models. I tried doing it in Blender 2.62 but the rigging moves akwardly and I don't really like it. I am guessing that has something to do with the weights coming from the skeleton and not body mesh
  5. Hello, I have been working on learning mesh and created a shirt and skirt I liked, however when I uploaded it into SL it had one major flaw. It is transparent on the inside, so any spot that shows around the body is not there. I put on some mesh clothes by others that I had purchased and noticed they do not have this issue, so I came to the forum and have been searching for a while now but haven't seen any posts about this. Can someone tell me how I fix this problem? I looked into the solidify option but that messes up my uv maps. Is there some step I am missing? If I missed a post discussing
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