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  1. no, not really. I've been using Windows since 2000. Also I just don't want to believe that this error needs to be fixed by basically changing your whole setup. I've up- and downgraded my drivers over the three years I've had this error occur; I've lowered my graphics which saves me from crashing but doesn't get rid of the barf, (and I can't really afford to go on lowest graphics as I' am a crafter in SL). I'm kind of hoping that LL just sort of fixes it. -.-
  2. Interesting. I have finally found the thread I have been looking for for so long. I've had this problem ever since I bought a new PC, I've got the 560 too and this error (graphic barf and subsequent crashing) has made me leave SL by now. Is there no help at all? No way to solve this?
  3. I had the same problem and it was that I had named my folder #Avastar. Removing the hashtag removed the problem.
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