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  1. What happens when a private region has been removed from the grid by LL for lack of payment? Is there a way for it to be claimed, and if so, would a previous owner have a claim?
  2. I've tried all of that, and everything else I can think of. Here's the weird thing. If I rez 100 1 prim objects, it takes them all. If I try to rez 1 20 prim object it says it's full. The only thing I can think of is that it might possibly be because it IS a homestead sim, and therefore is (as far as I know) linked to three other homesteads. But even that, to me, makes no sense because A, it shouldn't happen, and B, I CAN rez 100 or more new prims, if I rez them one or two at a time.
  3. On a homestead sim, with 571 prims available, I get "over the prim limit" message when trying to rez anything larger than one or two prims.
  4. I know that I often get asked if I want to allow a parcel to adjust my windlight settings, so it must be possible. But how is it done? I can easily change what I see on my land, but how do I set things so others see it?
  5. If a group owner is actively causing problems for the group, is there any method for the group founder to have them removed?
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