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  1. Thanks, Angel! Worked finest kind!
  2. I use both Firestorm and Phoenix When I first went to Realms using FS I got a HUD, but, as I found out later, it wasn't complete. All it had were the 5 coloured crystals & the question mark. No map, nor Quest description or anything else. I collected 75 - 100 crystals & left the game. The next time I logged in with Phoenix, and, while I get the "Welcome to Linden Realms!: Welcome back traveler! Please wait while we load your game HUD!" message, no HUD ever appears under either PHX or FS. :matte-motes-crying: What do I need to do?
  3. Obviously, not the objects themselves, but I would like to export a listing of my inventory to my computer. Apparently this is possible since different inventory managers claim to do this, but how? Deina
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