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  1. I did send a notecard to the two owners, but no reply yet (but maybe they haven't logged on yet again, who knows). I didn't blacklist them, banned them or whatever. Only I do wished they first talked to me before creating this "wall" and not confront me with the fact that this "wall" is suddenly there. When talking we most likely would have found a solution that makes both sides happy. Only thing I want is a reasonable view again at the backside of my land. Luckily I got already some nice suggestions, here and in SL self (for which thank you).
  2. For now I put on a flat wall, but I have to fully agree that this is not a solution (I will remove it again). And yes, 20K land seems to be lot, but, as on the attached picture can be seen, moving stuff around will be a mayor job to do (one I have currently no time for). Luckily the entrance shown on the picture on the first post is not the main one, but at the backside of the house (which makes it less worse). That entrance was ironically added after a chat with the owner of the other parcel. But everywhere if you are outside on my land you see that wall. Maybe I can do some
  3. I am not after revenge. So no, I will not put anything up to ruin their view. If I put on a prim-wall with on our side a nice sky or something, it will be invisible from their side. And moving and buying almost 20000 sqm all over again? No, I don't think is any option either. All I want is to block the view on the ugly wall and looking for options for that :-)
  4. Hello everyone, This week our SL neighbour surprised us with a very ugly "wall" right next to our land. I know why he/she did this, there was rather differences in height level of the two pieces of land (was there already since I years ago rented the first piece of land there). But I wished there would have been some talk in stead this just forcing upon us. Anyway, I am afraid this "wall" is not going away any time soon. Apart from putting up some prim-walls to block the view on this "wall', any other suggestions to make this look more nicer again? The entrance has to be removed i'
  5. Hi everyone, I have in my house a picture slideshow with all the clothes I own in SL and as I am here since November 2005 that are a lot of pictures (just a few more days and I am 10 years here :P). Anyway, I named the pictures in the slideshow after the clothes-set that is on the picture. When the slideshow is running I would like the see the name of the picture (and thus the name of set clothes). Many of the slideshows I have seen have an option to display the name of the picture as "floating text". The disadvantage is of this is that you can see the floating text through walls
  6. I have invited to friend into SL, they wanted to have a look at it after I told them about it. So they tried to create an account. They selected a default avatar. Entered a name for the avatar that was available. Entered a valid mail-address, a correct birthday (1974... so should be old enough :P), a password. A security questions was selected and an answered to it entered. All entered information was okay as the "green okay mark" behind showed. But after pressing the buttion to activated the account nothing happens. The text "activating" is displayed with little round sy
  7. Hello, I want to build a little island high in the air above my land. Is there a way or trick to check when I put something that it is still within the borders of my own land? Thanks, Morwen
  8. Perrie Juran wrote: Then somehow your account has slipped through the cracks. For the benefit (for lack of a better word) PayPal allows Merchants to choose to only do business with people who have a Credit Card as a secondary payment method listed with PayPal. Something some where went wrong and PayPal told LL you had a CC linked. No, I hope you can read Dutch, because this page is directly from Pay Pal.... https://www.paypal-nederland.nl/particulier/start/rekening-koppelen.html and describes how to use a bankaccount. Which basically comes down to: a. Create a Paypal acccount b.
  9. Foxer Kosten wrote: paypal paypal you think everybody has a visa card here we dont have it. it sucks where we have to buy or Lindens ont on SL or marketplace because we have not 1 of the cards where you have to pay with Okay. Once more... Read carefully my lips... You don't need a credit card for Pay Pal.... No Visa, no Mastercard, no Dinners... nothing, nada, nope credit card!!!!! You can connect a Pay Pal account directly to a normal bank account without having a credit card at all. I buy my L$ that way. I pay for my premium account and land that way without having a credit card
  10. and i am the same i got paypall for save buying on the internet so that if the acount get hacked they can not hit my personal bank acount. If iDeal gets hit by a hacker with bad attensions, your personal bank account is just vurneable as with Pay Pal. And no, all those nice things the Dutch banks have come up with (as pin-codes, code calculors) will not be a problem for an experienced person. I have seen recently a documentaire where was shown how easily these things could be passed by.
  11. Natasha Hirons wrote: I don't mind changes, in the well over 6 years I've been in SL, a lot has changed... That's not the problem. I understand why this all is happening. But I have to get 2 things, which I basically don't need for anything in my life, except for SL. As a matter of fact I hardly know anybody over here who has a CC and/or PayPal. Then I really wonder where you are living.... Certainly not in the Netherlands. Most people I know do have a credit card, many also a Pay Pal account. And if you have a bank-account (which most over 18 years old will have), you can get a Paypal
  12. Darktoorper Amat wrote: Much Apreciated ill give Paypall a shot for now hopefully LL will allow Ideal or Direct Transfers without credit card or paypall account. easier to keep an eye on my Actual Bank transactions in that way should it be required. I always use Pay Pal exact for that reason. When you connect your Paypal account directly to a bank account, the money is mostly within 48 hours redrawn from your bankaccount (and is not saved to one big transfer per month as with many credit cards). I use Pay Pal not only for buying L$, but also to pay my premium account and the land
  13. That works just wonderful.... Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!
  14. Okay, here is my problem.... I have a picture-frame to show in a slideshow different pictures. Works as a charme... What I would like is that when you stand in front of it, you she the picture-frame as normal. But when you look at it from the backside that you look through it. I tried to add a "transparant texture" to the backside of the frame, but somehow it works for the complete object. It makes the whole object invisible :). Is what I want possible? And if it is, how can I do it? Thanks!!!! (And yes... I am complete no-no on the subject of building :P)
  15. I remember how a few years ago users of the Dutch-provider XS4ALL (I was over then with them) could not connect to SL at all. Later it turned out that it was not a problem of XS4ALL or Second Life. Somewhere in between a router messed up. Was not that easy to get that corrected... Point is... this kind of problems are mostly not problems with Second Life itself. Mostly with your own hardware or your provider.... or somewhere along that long line from your provider to Second Life...
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