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  1. The scenario you pose isn't very likely, is it? Why would LL park an educational sim right next to a mature sim? And who is Betsie's daddy going to call, the local police? And say, 'My little girl saw a naked fox sitting in a hot tub, now go arrest him!' And somehow, they figure out where you live in RL, and show up at your door? Try looking at it this way: they're not inviting in children, they're inviting adults to host a sim that's restricted to a particular group of children and adults.Children will not be able to leave that sim, either by teleporting or by using Search. The adults hosting the sim will be responsible for the well-being and conduct of the children, just as they are in the RL schoolhouses they all occupy. Personally, I anticipate a hearty interest on the part of parents in SL, who'd like to have a sim where their children can enjoy SL under the watchful eyes of themselves and like-minded parents of their acquaintance. It strikes me that it would be a great business decision, getting kids into SL on private, protected sims. Let their parents bring them fun stuff from other sims, and teach them how to build. Then they might actually stick around once they're old enough for the grid.
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