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    hacking ??

    Your avatar could have been "ghosted". Did they IM you and it say, user not online. Sometimes that is the only way to boot a person off. Avatars do sometimes tend to get stuck in limbo. Especially when using a third party viewer, or if there are region issues. Just to be on the safe side, you should change your password.
  2. If you go to the log in page and use the forgot password link, click email no longer active and sends you to where you can either file a ticket, or the support phone number. They will want you to verify your information to prove you are actually the account holder.
  3. [ e l i k a t i r a ] makes that hair, it was released for collabor88, I remember seeing it on the back wall when I was there. Elikatira (64, 127, 36)
  4. In Second Life you are allowed to date as many people as you would like to as long as they don't find out about each other. I believe the slogan is "Your world, your imagination." :matte-motes-inlove: In all seriousness, this happens quite frequently here. So call it whatever you like.
  5. You really should put a profile picture of your avatar in your profile. I know I don't generally bother reading a profile if there is no picture, since the profile will more than likely be blank also. I realize you actually have things written in your profile, it just might be easier to make friends while you wander the grid if your profile is totally put together.
  6. Nobody has suggested simply clearing your cache. If it was working fine before for you, it might be that simple. As far as bandwidthy going to 2500 on a wireless connection won't help anything. After clearing your cache log into a low lag sim, say Plum or Lime, just type that in to the location box when you log in. If that doesn't help you try going here http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-improve-Viewer-performance/ta-p/1316923 Good Luck
  7. Sometimes it ends badly and people want to forget. :matte-motes-wink: The only way I know of is from the email requesting partnership. On the brightside at least you will remember for next time.
  8. Well you obviously did some things you weren't supposed to, and if you do apologize to owner, for your lack of manners they don't necessarily need to let you return there. So use this as a lesson on SL etiquette. Next time you do go to a sim or have a problem and want to post it to the forums, don't mention stores or people by name, whether the name is actually correct or not. If you do wonder about doing something, I'm sure older residents would help you with the do's and don'ts of SL. Most are willing to help, if asked.
  9. Are you trying to join them for free L$ :matte-motes-shocked:
  10. It would have been nice to have read the original post before it got edited. :matte-motes-not-entertained:
  11. To me the skin looks like a poor quality freebie. Most of the larger skin makers make cleavage enhancers. I suggest you try out some demos to see if it is your shape or the skin.
  12. Font generators are easiest if you want to copy and paste. http://www.weirdgenerator.com has strikethrough.
  13. I wondered the same thing, when I read this. I'm thinking if they do work, they probably get more response in world than in the forums.
  14. It would be nice for all the views this post has, that people would have gone and voted. I find shopping on marketplace to be very fustrating. If I found more relevant results when I did search for something, I would probably shop marketplace more often.
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