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  1. Hi. i been in a Second Life resident since 2007 with basic account BUT i buying lindens from Linden Exchange page all over this years to pay my rent and goods. This means i'm a not royal? My buying lindens records means nothing? it disrespectful to the people like me who a basic account and inject lindens to SL economy .
  2. another one who wants enjoy SL a expends of others.
  3. Your the same that post "i need a RL girl for stuff" . Still not find the girl you want to wait for your respond when your busy playing pocket pool?
  4. It's School not Skool. You should be care about spelling and gramma as Venus said. You said.."I'm busy playing pocket pool." I cant be busy too.? Only you can be busy and i have do nothing.just to wait for your respond?. That sounds selfish to me. My recomendation for you is to make an Alt.
  5. "wait till i repond"...So your looking to someone with no friends, no likes, nothing to do except stay "freeze" until your answer. Could may be who knows when....
  6. It's hard for me.Was soo time a long that not remember it! Now more into shopping clothes,jewlery...
  7. Hi Alicia, i'm Harumi.First. I want to apologies if my English writing. Is not my natural tongue. I'm in Sl since 2007. i'm not creative at all. i'm soo lazy for that!. I prefer go on my shopping quest instead! I always amazed for the creations of the clothing designers!.I have my own home parcel. Love to spend time to decorate it!. Well i had many homes because i like to move time to time.Like to explore a lot!. Like to explore those sims that are a replica of historical ones in Rl. Like the Rome, Egypt,Japan. that give you and idea how was in that era. Or for example, i never been to Europe. There replicas sims that give an idea.Like Paris,Florence,Dublin. That details are amazing!. i'm now learning how sail in SL. About the friends. I meet them at the beach,at clubs.Love to dance!.I'm join the club's group to keep updated about their events. See.? There is so much to do in Sl!
  8. You are Totaly Right Jasmyn "What happen ins SL stay in SL" That's the position i had and have since i arrive in 2007.
  9. i'm totaly agree with you. But some people not respect and understand that and pushing you to give them some RL data because for them SL and Rl is the same. I told 'em that's their choice and have to respect everyone choices but they insist and the only way deal with it (for me) is walk away. if they found you and still...click the mute button.
  10. Hi Anthony. I´m Harumi. For me more than OK . I Understand and respect your desire you had made for your SL experience. IM me inworld anytime. Would love to hang out and have some fun!. Maybe talking, dancing,cuddling and hugging.
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