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  1. What a load of crapola .... even rather fascist ... not going to happen in an open/free market & just as well .... it would kill the economy of SL
  2. Sadly I seem to be one for whoms things have deteriorated Texture loading & sculpty loading can take 25 minutes - it is making work a total pain in the proverbial it is very inconsistent = sometimes it is all good I am crashing as if I was in a demolition derby = often & hard I seriously look forward to experiencing the improvements Western Australia based Mostly using Singularity
  3. I would think that promoting discovery of the adult mainland ( I think it is still named Zindra ??) would be much better served by naming the sandbox - Adult Mainland Zindra Sandbox or some variation thereof The marketing done based on 'Vortex' is recoverable if that element of the name is removed The marketing done based on the name Zindra is not If the term Zindra is going to continually be devalued as a marketing name & tool ... do it properly ! Rename the continent & engage in a fresh & major marketing initiative based on the new name. Rather than derail this th
  4. A belated but very big thank you to Serjourn Daxter & the team of the Adult Hub group for the expeditious way that you dealt with this issue. You have shown that you are prepared to work for the "common good" & set an example that others would do well to try & follow. I wish you all the very best in your growth & development ... you have the potential to re-energise Adult SL. Very big & belated thank yous to all who made input into this thread & discussion ... If we do not speak we can not expect to be heard Zan
  5. With all due respect Imnotgoing .... When I try & promote Adult Mainland ... it is Zindra that I am promoting ... not any one of its 358 sims
  6. Potted history • LL create a continent named Zindra to house all mainland adult activities • Users conducting adult activities on old mainland either relocate or are 'migrated' to Zindra • the continent grows to some 358 sims ... all of which are Zindra including 1 sim named Zindra • People spend 2 years working & investing in Zindra ... promoting & marketing ZINDRA as the ADULT continent Some one in Linden Lab has right royally messed up & has allowed the use of the name ZINDRA by a private estate Zindra West, Zindra South, Zindra East, Zindra North & Zindra Prime are new
  7. I am amazed that there is such a contradiction in publicly stated policy ... aka .. the OFFICIAL Wiki /KB & the actual practice of implementing this new approach ... it does make me think of kids playing cowboys & Indians in the sandbox. Come on LL .... you test your credibility here .... even with a credulous customer base. In response to Chaos Moir: Yes !! ... some of the scraps of abandoned land that are being set for sale are showing a blatant disregard for land care ,,,, even if some of the "parcels" on offer are interesting works of land art . & Why haven't adjo
  8. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Drongle McMahon wrote: Won't the land bots snap them all up anyway? I can imagine them being oiled and polished all last week to be ready. Or is L$1/sqm still too high for them now? Land bots tend to wait for under 0.5L/sqm these days. Waves Two issues 1 - Land bots are keyed into the search results from the wiki link Blondin posted - : Purchasing Abandoned Mainland " These parcels can be found my visiting a region and looking at parcel descriptions. They will also highlight on the map as land for sale. These parcels are not listed in Search." So .
  9. Reaffirms my welcome to Rod & reaffirms all this great constructive input .... even from the negators & argumentative constructive conclusions can be drawn. Just happened to be looking at a SL Elder's profile (early '06 by my criteria) & could not resist quoting this which she has quoted => "Tell me one last thing," said Harry. "Is this real, or has this been happening inside my head?" "Of course it's happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" ----Professor Dumbledore SL is real The people using it are real The
  10. WELCOME Rod I wrote a thought out post ... to have it eaten by a website error message ... grrrs This happens too often !! Yet something else that needs serious fixing (Am trying to train myself to copy & paste everything I write on SL website ... as a back up) Hopefully I will find the time to rethink & re-write & the finishing WELCOME to OUR world
  11. There is a bug as well that is not authenticating the buyer's account ... no matter what viewer you use ... go to the pjira https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-23258 & add your voice if you have been effected
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