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  1. I'm 22, white, blonde, and a girl. I'm looking for some light RPing. Maybe as a wife, homemaker, and mother. or a sister, niece, granddaughter, daughter. Who knows? maybe all of these things. The dark-themed rping doesn't really interest me. No vampires, no rape fantasies please. Just a fun, casual time. Please IM me in-world if it sounds interesting to you. I hope to hear from you all soon! xoxo
  2. Hello! My boss is in need of advertising for her company! I need two people who are capable of sending out Group Invites, and recruiting people to her store to help build traffic. Pay will be 500+ lindens per week depending on how well your performance is. Feel free to IM me anytime in world with questions or concerns. Hope to hear from you, Abby Fyanucci
  3. What teenage girl isn't a defiant brat who wrecks havok? They all are....
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