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  1. Okay OP, I'm gonna side with you because barring people from your product for legit criticisms sounds like bad business practice to me. Are his products transferrable? Because if you have any alts...
  2. I would have acted similarly to you OP, but without asking the guy to remove his costume. Though I admit I might not show as much patience or restraint as you did. He wasn't even dressed as a real nazi. Would she get upset if she saw someone wearing a Che Guevera shirt too?
  3. People like you are the reason why SL is loathed and ridiculed by the general public.
  4. Sadly, the Second Life marketplace is essentially the Wild West when it comes to online transactions.However, I would assume there is an SL equivelant of a "buyers beware" blog somewhere that would name and shame fraudulent vendors much like the "artists beware" blogs. It may be particularly effective if multiple people have been ripped off by this person.
  5. "Nooo my waifu who I met 3 days ago stole my account after I shared all my intimate details with them! How could the love of muh life be so awful?!"
  6. Had no idea what you guys were talking about until I . Very impressive looking. Not keen on the cartooniness of the avatars but gosh if they aren't an improvement from the doll-like avatars we currently have to use. Rigged faces and fingers FTW!
  7. Hello Cecilia, I'm a 40-year-old man with poor personal hygiene and enabled agoraphobia. My hobbies include programming, numismatism and storing my bodily fluids in jars. In SL I'm tightly intertwined with a group of diaper furs and am the adoptive father of four of them, one of which who was recently aquitted for manslaughter.
  8. SL isn't a game, it's a virtual chatroom with advanced customization options. But yeah, I know what you mean. I like watching Britbong and Ted's vids because of these people.
  9. It's not like Lindens are actually coming down and punishing people with naked avs. And if you've got no clothes on in a deserted sim with no one around, who's going to be offended?
  10. When women were still living in primitive little tribes where there was a constant threat of the men being knocked off by other tribes, we were more inclined to submit to the most aggressive, strongest and dominant male to ensure the tribe's continuation via strong offspring. The men also had to worry about their women being picked off and kidnapped by the competitors, so they kept them close, possessive of their healthy, fit mates. If they had to, they would intimidate their women into not picking berries or collecting water after dark. Stockholm syndrome was rife; but the women, although fr
  11. I can't get past ban lines, but I did find out how to get into locked houses. Hurr, I so smart.
  12. I still have a few accounts which I use to do dailies but the site's lagging worse than SL so I'm staying off it for a while.
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