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  1. After roleplaying here for over a year, my group of friends and I have been trying to find a new roleplay home in Second Life. But we've become reclusive due to this: The same three roleplay themes : - Medieval Fantasy - Supernatural Dark Urban - Dark Urban It's nearly immopossible to find something that is atleast a sherd different from these three. We just want to find a sim where your CHARACTER rather than YOUR POWERS is important. LOGIC rather than a magical wand that magical makes everything alright. Freeform rather than meter, or at least dice. Where your badassness does not matter, and OOC is seperated from IC. A mainly human roleplay without all the same fae/elves/werewolf/etc. Or at least something different, sci-fi/historical/steampunk/cyberpunk is welcome. If anyone has suggestions, please give them. I swear we don't bite. XD Also welcomes multi-line/paragraph roleplayers is a must. We don't care if you post short as long as you don't mind waiting a few moments. :D
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