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  1. Come join us at 2pm Slt at "The Clockwork Dolls Club and Live Music Venue set upon the Awesome 'Converging universes' a hugely popular Sci-Fi and Steampunk themed sim! We are pleased to present BOBBLE GREYMOON! Bobble Greymoon(also known as Chance Jampuler) is a singer/songwriter with just an accoustic guitar known for his soft voice, deep lyrics and strong emotional vibe. Playing mostly originals and a few covers done in his own style he'll haunt your soul and take you on a journey through time and space. Chance also likes to have fun doing improv and creating jam songs off the top of his head. He can be heard at myspace.com/chancemotta A warm welcome is assured for all!....Come and give live original music the support it so deserves! When you get here take the ballon ride to the club...or IM me personally for a ride!....many thanks....Truelove Tomorrow. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oberstdorf/131/62/219?title=The+Clockwork+Dolls+Club+and+Live+Music+Venue&msg=My+Sisters+and+I%27s++Club+offering+regular+Live+Music+and+Live+DJ+events...Fine+dining...Intan+dancing...Romantic+date+destination...Splendid+animated+clockwork+dancefloor...Some+of+the+most+beautiful+Dolls+in+Sl+for+your+veiwing+pleasure...Come+hangout....enjoy+the+classy+surroundings...Bring+a+loved+one+or+friend...or+meet+lots+of+new+peeps+here%21...Warm+welcome+assured+for+all%21Steampunk%2C+dieselpunk%2C+Decopunk%2C+Cyberpunk%2C+Clockpunk%2Cnoir%2C+pulp%2C+Neo-Victorian%2C+Gothic%2C+and+more+punk%2CVictorian%2Cclockwork%2Cdolls%2Cdancers%2Cescorts%2Changout%2Csex%2Crvl%2Cd%2Fs%2C+romance%2Cdate%2Cdance%2Cdinner%2Cmusic
  2. Come on over to "The Clockwork Dolls Club"! One of the most sophisticated clubs and live music venues in the whole of sl! At 1pm-3pm today we have the smexy and delectable DJ MUAH Live and Loud! Come hear her rocking set...a mix of rock and dance...current and a few goldies! Just the remedy for your Sunday musical cravings! We are having a best in "Leather & Lace" contest too!...with 250L on the board for the sexiest in Leather or Lace...or both leater & lace!!! Yay! Mesowhett and Truelove are your hosts today!...Come join the fun...Bring a friend...or meet lots of sexy new ones here!! Steampunk,clockwork,rp,punk,neo victorian,science fiction,dancers,romance,hangout,fine dining,cuddle spots,dancing,live Dj's,Live music venue,club for hire for special events! Live act who are willing to work this fine tips only venue also needed! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oberstdorf/131/62/219?title=The+Clockwork+Dolls+Club+and+Live+Music+Venue&msg=My+Sisters+and+I%27s++Club+offering+regular+Live+Music+and+Live+DJ+events...Fine+dining...Intan+dancing...Romantic+date+destination...Splendid+animated+clockwork+dancefloor...Some+of+the+most+beautiful+Dolls+in+Sl+for+your+veiwing+pleasure...Come+hangout....enjoy+the+classy+surroundings...Bring+a+loved+one+or+friend...or+meet+lots+of+new+peeps+here%21...Warm+welcome+assured+for+all%21Steampunk%2C+dieselpunk%2C+Decopunk%2C+Cyberpunk%2C+Clockpunk%2Cnoir%2C+pulp%2C+Neo-Victorian%2C+Gothic%2C+and+more+punk%2CVictorian%2Cclockwork%2Cdolls%2Cdancers%2Cescorts%2Changout%2Csex%2Crvl%2Cd%2Fs%2C+romance%2Cdate%2Cdance%2Cdinner%2Cmusic
  3. "The Clockwork Dolls Club" one of the most sophisticated clubs in sl invite you to come as you are! Sunday 10th Feburary 3-4pm Slt...250L on the board for the best in Come as you are!...And its just a 1 hour contest!! DJ DDiva will be playing us an awesome rocking love set to give your Sunday the musical kickstart you desire and deserve! Dance on our 'must see animated cog dance floor...Wine and dine a loved one...or cosy up in our many cuddle spots! Our Clockwork dolls will be here dancing for your visual delight also...some of the most beautiful dolls in the whole of sl! So why not bring a friend or a loved one...or a few...grins:)...or meet lots of fab new ones here! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oberstdorf/131/62/219?title=The%20Clockwork%20Dolls%20Club%20and%20Live%20Music%20Venue&msg=My%20Sisters%20and%20I's%20%20Club%20offering%20regular%20Live%20Music%20and%20Live%20DJ%20events...Fine%20dining...Intan%20dancing...Romantic%20date%20destination...Splendid%20animated%20clockwork%20dancefloor...Some%20of%20the%20most%20beautiful%20Dolls%20in%20Sl%20for%20your%20veiwing%20pleasure...Come%20hangout....enjoy%20the%20classy%20surroundings...Bring%20a%20loved%20one%20or%20friend...or%20meet%20lots%20of%20new%20peeps%20here!...Warm%20welcome%20assured%20for%20all!Steampunk,%20dieselpunk,%20Decopunk,%20Cyberpunk,%20Clockpunk,noir,%20pulp,%20Neo-Victorian,%20Gothic,%20and%20more%20punk,Victorian,clockwork,dolls,dancers,escorts,hangout,sex,rvl,d/s,%20romance,date,dance,dinner,music!
  4. Its Live Music Sunday At "The Clockwork Dolls Club"! We start the day with a sweet songstress who sings from the heart! Fieryredhead Denimore is not new to singing .She has sung in two other programs prior to joining second life. What makes fieryredhead so different from anyone else on the grid? She performs every song, in her own unique way, what you hear in a song from Fiery is from her heart , as every song she sings has a wonderful memory of her parent's ♥ Her song genres are : fifties love songs and soft, country, classical country, pop,blue's and many more If you would like to listen to her perform live please come join us 2-3pm slt today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oberstdorf/131/62/219?title=The%20Clockwork%20Dolls%20Club%20and%20Live%20Music%20Venue&msg=My%20Sisters%20and%20I's%20%20Club%20offering%20regular%20Live%20Music%20and%20Live%20DJ%20events...Fine%20dining...Intan%20dancing...Romantic%20date%20destination...Splendid%20animated%20clockwork%20dancefloor...Some%20of%20the%20most%20beautiful%20Dolls%20in%20Sl%20for%20your%20veiwing%20pleasure...Come%20hangout....enjoy%20the%20classy%20surroundings...Bring%20a%20loved%20one%20or%20friend...or%20meet%20lots%20of%20new%20peeps%20here!...Warm%20welcome%20assured%20for%20all!Steampunk,%20dieselpunk,%20Decopunk,%20Cyberpunk,%20Clockpunk,noir,%20pulp,%20Neo-Victorian,%20Gothic,%20and%20more%20punk,Victorian,clockwork,dolls,dancers,escorts,hangout,sex,rvl,d/s,%20romance,date,dance,dinner,music!
  5. OUR GRAND OPENING WEEKEND! COME SHOW US YOUR STEAM!! "The Clockwork Dolls Club" one of the most sophisticated clubs in sl invite you to come show us your best steampunk attire! Saturday 2nd Feburary 2-4pm Slt...500L on the board for the best steam outfit! DJ DDiva will be playing us an awesome rocking set to give your saturday the musical kickstart you desire and deserve! Dance on our 'must see animated cog dance floor...Wine and dine a loved one...or cosy up in our many cuddle spots! Our Clockwork dolls will be here dancing for your visual delight also...some of the most beautiful dolls in the whole of sl! So why not bring a friend or a loved one...or a few...grins:)...or meet lots of fab new ones here! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wych/22/160/50?title=Free+Fine+Dining%21Free+Artwork%21+The+Clockwork+Dolls+Clubs%21+Steampunk+Date+Spot
  6. Wanted Live Artists who are available to do 1 hour sets at times between 12-4pm slt on a tips only Basis....at our awesome new 'Steampunk' Themed Club and live music venue "The Clockwork Dolls Club" Please apply here or inworld to True Love-Tomorrow (Truelove Tomorrow) or mesowhett Resident. Many thanks ♥ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wych/22/160/50?title=The%20Imaginarium&msg=Steampunk,%20dieselpunk,%20Decopunk,%20Cyberpunk,%20retro-futurism,%20Clockpunk,%20Teslapunk,%20%20noir,%20pulp,%20Neo-Victorian,%20Gothic,%20and%20more%20punk,%20punk,%20punk%20community%20%20RP%20and%20The%20Clock%20Work%20Dolls%20Club.%20Rentals%20from%20L$25-L$200
  7. Head over to Imaginarium today...Explore the awesome steampunk surroundings...Take a ballon ride to the newest Romantic destination in sl...The Clocwork Dolls Club Offers Dining facilites...Cuddle spots...Dancing...Regular Live Artists and DJ's plus a clockwork dance floor that must be seen! Today we have a beautiful original artwork as a free gift for all!!..Called "A valentines Reject" a clockwork doll themed art...Hop over and collect yours today! A warm welcome assured for all!! Steampunk, dieselpunk, Decopunk, Cyberpunk, retro-futurism, Clockpunk, Teslapunk, noir, pulp, Neo-Victorian, Gothic, and more punk, punk, punk community RP and The Clock Work Dolls Club. Rentals from L$25-L$200 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wych/22/160/50?title=The%20Imaginarium&msg=Steampunk,%20dieselpunk,%20Decopunk,%20Cyberpunk,%20retro-futurism,%20Clockpunk,%20Teslapunk,%20%20noir,%20pulp,%20Neo-Victorian,%20Gothic,%20and%20more%20punk,%20punk,%20punk%20community%20%20RP%20and%20The%20Clock%20Work%20Dolls%20Club.%20Rentals%20from%20L$25-L$200
  8. Come on over to sunset passions...one of the friendliest and passionate bech clubs in sl!Live Dj's...Hot Dancers..Sexy fun! Warm tropical sunsets fire passions and desires come find your inner passions and sensual desires at Club Sunset Passions with live DJ,s Dancing and Exotic Dancers. Greedy Table, Hot Tub, Secluded areas Swinger , Sex, Rock , Nudity, Fun, Cuddle Pop, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Devils%20and%20Dust/115/41/21?title=Sunset+Passions&msg=Warm+tropical+sunsets+fire+passions+and+desires+come+find+your+inner+passions+and+sen
  9. Messowhett's Mastery Is hiring! More than just the same old dungeon experience! We need reliable and friendly DJ'S who are willing to also read erotic short fiction stories! We also require sexy girls to be dancer/models on our dungeon toys during readings...Tips You Keep 90%!!!! Please contact mesowhett Resident or Truelove Tomorrow for a tour and more info. Come to hear live EXOTIC/BDSM stories & poems written by talented SL writers. Voiced by sultry,sexy DJ Nawty and others. Beautiful slavegirls posing on adult toys for your visual pleasure.D/s, sex, slave, Dungeon, strippers, live, dj, voice, pet, erotic, music, dance, BDSM, Master, Mistress, Lesbian,Bi,3Some,Orgies,Group Sex.Live DJ'S!,Live Music! Regular Events! Please contact my self..Truelove Tomorrow Or Co-Owner mesowhett Resident....
  10. I am delighted to invite you all over to the New Tru Art Gallery In Mahoney City!! Tru Art is hosting an Art Expo "The Colours Of Autumn"!!! Featuring the artworks of four amazing artists! Truelove Tomorrow Rl & Sl Photographic and Digital Artist Texanna Schuman Rl Photographic Artist Kylie Sabra Sl & Rl Photographer & Graphic Artist anibrm jung Rl photographic Artist Hope you can all come along and support the arts in sl and pick up a beautiful artwork for your home <3 http://snipr.com/12l0s9 The Tru Art Gallery Art Expo http://www.flickr.com/photos/truelovetomorrow/6220261131/in/photostream
  11. Hungry??!! Why not head over to Stripped And Bound!! We will help to feed your hunger with the most delicious Dj Maribel...Playing her wickedly hot Set!! 12.30-2.30 slt ...and our Naughty Naughty Dancers...will make sure you leave completely satisfied...Grins:) Today we are having a Latex,Leather and Feathers Event !!! So all our delectable pole dancers will be dressed in thier skimpiest outfits and awaiting sexy guests to tantalise..we have a large appetite here...Grins:)....so why not bring your friends too:) Looking forward to meeting your sexy selves...see you soon!! http://snipr.com/uukid
  12. Dj Zilexia....will be heating things up with her oh so sexy voice and giving you all Eargasms:) with her rocking "what's Hot Set" Then our dancers will take your temperature soaring:)).....Tomight is Lingerie party night...and all our delectable dancers will be dressed in thier skimipest lingerie.....so why not come join the fun,,,,and let them raise more than just your temperature...grins:) Party on 1pm-3pm slt....we will be waiting...smiles:)
  13. Come on over to Stripped And Bound Today at 2pm-4pm we are having a Football Themed Party!! So get your sporty styles on...We have the Delectable Dj Kore spinning the tunes Live for you...Her sultry voice and Her Awesome set are gaurenteed to give you "EARGASMS"!!! Our smexy dancers...some of the most beautiful and experienced in sl will be on hand to tantalise and titilate you to your hearts content....making this the fun event you muxt not miss!!! Hope to see you all soon....Let the fun begin!!!
  14. Join us today...12pm -3pm At 'Stripped and Bound' for the slave auction of the delectable "Aura Vania" she will available to you for one hour a day for a full 7 days. This is rare opportunity....Aura has never been offered in sl before....her Master is allowing her to serve another in sl to raise funds for a rl friend who is in dire need....so you will be helping a good cause too:) She will be available to you in voice...but no cam...although she is happy to view your cam...smiles:) Auctioneer....Kresten McBride Our sultry and oh so sexy dancers will be entertaining you too....makeing sure the party atmosphere is hot....raising your temperatue and maybe more...grins:)...come join us all for what promises to be a fun night!!! Yours Truely...Truelove Tommorrow S&B Manager <3 http://snipr.com/uukid
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