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  1. I know it's against TOS to share IMs within SL. But let's say person A sends and IM to person B, saying, "tell person C that I'm gonna f*** them up?" Clearly, this is a threat against person C. Is Person A in violation of TOS if he shares the notecard with person C? And, to complicate matters, let's say that Person A actually said that she would harm person C at Location X. Is it wrong to inform the owner of Location X that someone said they would grief on their land? I understand the need for privacy, but IRL, even HIPAA and other such regulations are null and void if someone says they will harm themselves or others. Is there any such provision with LL?
  2. Great article on the basics, Harper. I agree, the AO is the FIRST thing I get a newbie. And thanks for adding the Nubian skin in there. It's hard to find quality skins, but when you're Black and want to represent yourself as such in SL, it's that much harder. So many places will have one, or even none at all! How do you make yourself look unique when every other sister has the same skins? ;P
  3. I totally agree with Iris on this one. I don't see SL becoming a super-photo-realistic place anytime soon; it would take way too much processing power for both LL's servers and our own computers. So embrace SL the way it is and work it. Everything in moderation, including moderation!
  4. Thank you so much! I've been having similar problems for a few days - even uninstalled and reinstalled V2 - and couldn't figure it out for the life of me! Now I can see stuff again! Woot!
  5. Yes, the group chat is basically non-functional, leading to my getting more and more mass TPs, which, as you know, can be aggravating (especially when all your friends are DJs). Please get this fixed tout-de-suite!
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