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  1. totally agree with Liisa Runo on every point.. would like to add one to things missed.. the way the search for items sold and transaction history worked on the old xstreets for merchants... all together and very easy to use. i could easily see who bought what of any product i sold at any time and how many were sold in a certain time period.. (without having to scroll through my 400+ items to see how the new release is doing on page 16 or so) whatever search i needed to see what sales were doing or easily deliver updates to everyone that bought a particular outfit.. little selfish and one sided
  2. with the upcoming 8th birthday of sl.. my first thought was.. is there still a person from 2003 that is still actively playing? i figure most of the ones left from the first year are employees of linden lab in someway at this point. so if its possible.. i was curious if the public could know who is the oldest active member in sl. as long as it is ok with that person for us to know of course. im sure there could be a little lime light for them at one of the celebrations coming up. would be neat to know if they were a builder .. clothing maker.. dj.. land owner.. whatever it maybe.. what has
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