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  1. I'm trying to think of a script that could be so badly written as to be adversly affected by this change. The only thing I can think of would be having something depend on the *number* of timer events that occur, and having the timer be extremely short. Is there anything else that could be affected? What sort of scripting gotchas should we be looking out for? Also. No one said what affect this will have on keyframe motion. Can someone answer that? I've had a bouncing ball that has started to stop occationally when i'm out of the region. Could this be from region idling? Finally, is there a w
  2. Thank you. That's the snowglobe source. I was looking for the released version source. And it looks like Kitty has the current links.
  3. I noticed the build number changed in the SVN repository, but all the links i saw still pointed to the older build's tarballs. I guess the SL wiki and the Cool SL Viewer pages just haven't been updated yet. Thanks. Hopefully things haven't changed too much.
  4. Is there a new location to download the current viewer sources? For the last two days i've gotten 403 forbidden when i try the downloads. Older versions download fine, but not the current sources.
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