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  1. Thank you, Roseelvira, I got your links. My old house goes on the market again today 🙂
  2. Thank you all for the answers. I didn't think there was a way around having to abandon but it was worth asking. Roseelvira, I'll take the names of the rentals, thank you.
  3. I would like a new style home with a larger parcel and more prims, but it is so tedius to have to take in all my rezzed objects and abandon my home just to see if any new style homes are available. And of course there aren't, so I get to go it all over again at a later time. Is there any way to just check for new home availability without abandoning my home, and then just abandon my home once when I go to get a new one? Also, is there a best time to look for a new home? Are new homes released like maybe Sunday evening at 6:00 PM SLT, for example? When is the best day/time to look for a new
  4. I created a prism (triangle) in Firestorm, and I want to edit it and create a hollow square through the triangular face. This would be similar to a house dormer with a window in it. I can create the hollow square, but it is always through the rectangular/square base of the prism. I can't change it to go through the triangular face, even if I select the face before creating the hollow square. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. Thank you both. Seemed like it should be easy. And i hve no idea how you got the square in that face, roatated or not - lol.
  5. I have two uses for Calling Cards. The first is when I have a multi-person chat going, I can add anyone to the conversation that I have a Calling Card for by just dragging the card in. They don't have to be on my Friend list. This is my most frequently-used reason for having them. The second is that it's just interesting sometimes to scroll through the cards and have a blast from the past. Calling Cards are not static. They are updated as a person's profile is updated. So I can open the Calling Card of someone that I've long forgotten about and see what they've changed by looking at their most
  6. Thank you, LoveAngeL, but that seems to be a listing of all possible homes? Yesterday when I chose there were only four listed as available. I wanted plumtree, but it wasn't shown as it is on the page you referred me to. I'd like to be able to see only homes that are currently available.
  7. Hello. Is there any way that I can see which Linden homes are available while I still own one? I took a different home because the one I wanted was gone. They say to check back from time to time, but I don't want to abandon my home just to see see what's available. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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