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  1. thank you Marx, that was what i was looking, your terrrrrrrrrfic!!!!! yeehawwwwwwww!!! pat yaself on the back and i owe ya one, collect anytime, have a great evening
  2. has a hard time believing there is no one is this chat that belongs to that group or has that number, shakes head, sorry to have brother anybody, have a great day
  3. Yes Nyll if i could log into support i wouldn't be here i would have the phone number or would be in live chat with them. But ya have to be a sims owner to see the phone number, or be able to log in to your account to acess live chat.as a sims owner i have used both the live chat and the phone call, but not being able to log into my account, i can't find the number, oh if ya courious if i'm a sims owner, whiskey bay is my sims, ys can find it on the map, ad again if your able to find the phone to call that group that is waht i need!!!!!
  4. checked with billing all is good there, admin has the hold and billing has no number for techinical support or for admin, yea right, sure does seem like ya pay for techinal support, but your not allowed to use it, shakes heads, amazing billing says may take two to three days for them to answer my ticket, hell i knew that, and if i want gredit for pay for a service that wasn't provided, then guess what i got to talk to admin, which no one seems to have a number for, hahaha, gawd ya got to love the ring around the roses, it is trully amazing
  5. i am unable to log into support and just this monht, LL took the 295 teir payment and it went thru, they also did the quartely renewal olast month and it went thru also, all teris and renewals was middle of last month, i i would like is the number to call for congeirge team, hell i don't remember that number, i used to be able to call, but i never wrote the number down, ya can bet i will when i see it again for sure, if anybody has that number pls sent it to me, and thanks
  6. my account is on hold and from talking with the only number i have to call is "billing" that is what i'm told. how do ya contact someone that can help out with this, i am a premium member and also an estate owner
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