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  1. Oh, look...Belleza Jake hands. I didn't know he wore Jake.
  2. Style, baby, style. It's all about the accessories.
  3. Rezzing mesh bits is small potatoes compared to the BOM reality: standing there naked, hairless and shaped like a deformed Venus of Willendorf (or a Frankenstein with rickets if you're a guy) for up to 60 seconds on a busy sim. And you appear that way to every single person who tps in. NIGHTMARE, oh YEAH! The whole thing has absolutely turned me off of BOM. I won't touch it until they stop the freakshow. It's just too scary!
  4. Oh, well, if that's all, if I remember correctly there's no need to go on a fruitless search for Vista "hand skins". All you need is an Omega body applier (in the same tone, and maker as your head skin) and the Vista Omega Relay. It slaps the same hand texture on the Vista hands as it does any other Omega compatible body. Seamless. But I get it. I can't think of too many outfits I'd go out and buy a new set of hands for! Much better to go shopping for new stuff that likes the hands you have!
  5. I don't know to what extent you want to bother, but the Vista Bento hands have alpha cuts to deal with recalcitrant sleeves. I guess it depends how much you love those outfits, eh?
  6. Who has an island? But I get it. It's a lowest common denominator thing, right? But you lose me there, 'coz I can't imagine why you all are putting so much energy into discussing LL's marketing scheme. I mean, are we discussing McDonalds next? /me goes outside in the sun. Happy Summer, people!
  7. No doubt. However, there is something beyond Daisy Dukes and tied belly tops to explore in fashion, and some of us would like to do that.
  8. Eh. So when did the The Dukes of Hazzard become the epitome of fashion in sl? I love Absinthe's style and her publication Ferosh and always have. Ferosh was always challenging, sometimes shocking but always fresh, and I always found something in it that excited the hell out of me. And the photography was always top notch. I was jazzed to see it come back recently, but a bit sad it had been gelded---still I understand that Absinthe doesn't make fashion, she only reports it...and there's not much to report. Still, I'd much rather wear what you all are calling the dish cloth dress with the backwards hair from 2015 because it's still lightyears ahead of any fashion on the grid now, and seriously? * We have enough Blueberry girls.*
  9. That's Doux Marilyn, I think. It was at the Vintage Fair, but that's closed now so you'll have to wait until it turns up at the store.
  10. You watched four of those videos? Lawdy, Skell, you've got way more patience than I have...
  11. Is this the right video? No hair is mentioned at all. It's an instructional video for an inventory management system.
  12. Doux? Doe? Is there a prize if I get it right? 😄
  13. Yeah, it's at the top of the chat window, farthest to the right. I think. At any rate it's one of the four buttony things up there. Play with it. ☺
  14. That's your hairbase. If you look around you can pick up one that fits better, either in hair demos or mesh head demos. It's a pain, but a fixable one.
  15. Work through this page (no skipping!) and I bet you'll find the solution... https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_bake_fail
  16. Mmm, yeah, but the video capture in with my Nvidia card (it used to be Shadowplay?) won't let me record only a section of the screen, something I need to hang all the facial animation HUDS I use off-screen. And OBS has only marginal graphics quality. It's light on your disk space, it's free, but it doesn't give you good video. I'm using OBS now and I'd like something better.
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