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  1. Hey everyone, I was looking around for good places to take photos, do you have any favs or places you would like to share with me?
  2. I am interested but like the others I cannot find your name in world.
  3. Sent a notecard in world, I am interested in this position.
  4. I can help, here is my Flickr page with examples of my work: https://www.flickr.com/photos/133374688@N03/
  5. Doing a search for the name RubyDymind in world doesn't find anyone. I am interested though.
  6. Hello everyone! As the title states I am a designer but I'm looking to make ads for other people's stores. I do so right now for one person but would like to expand. My prices are reasonable and I work quickly. If you have a fashion store and need help with your ads, I'm here for you! Send me an IM or note in world and I can show you examples of my work. You can also see my store and Flickr pages in my in world profile.
  7. Hi there everyone! So, here's why I'm here: I am pretty terrible at making friends because I often lack the ability to make a conversation since I'm sort of socially awkward. I tend to stand by myself, but lately have been trying to break out of the social rut I am in and talk to people. So, here I am! I would love to make friends who want to explore around different sims, I also love to shop in SL. I like to go around and see new places that people have made. I even like the LL games and those sorts of things in SL. I also play games out of SL on Steam, Battle.net, and Origin... so if you pla
  8. Are you looking for mesh and textures or prims and textures?
  9. Hello all! I am currently working on expanding my Gor attire and am looking for places to set my vendors out on a rent free, commission basis. I'm not too particular on the commission amount but need it to be rent free for now. My Gor attire is merely 8 outfits for slaves/bonds, but expanding often and I'm just looking for good spots to put out my vendors. They are all low prim and low lag. If anyone could help me out that would be great! Please send me a note in world or reply here as my IMs are blocked with RLV :P
  10. Hello! I have a simple question.. When you add an item to a folder you have listed on the Marketplace, does it update automatically, or do you have to update the folder on the Marketplace Merchant page? I'm pretty sure I have to update each one on it's own but I was hoping I missed something and there's an easier way.
  11. I've said it, but I never said it without meaning it. I wear my heart on my sleeve in both worlds, which is ironic being I am a very shut off person with a brick wall in front of me. But I feel that any emotion felt for another person in SL should be considered to be real because you are a real person feeling it behind the avatar. As already mentioned our avatars have no hearts and no ability to feel, so why would you say it if it wasn't in your mind to begin with? I feel that unless you're sure it's something you can accept you feel in your real emotions then it's not a phrase to thrown aroun
  12. I know how to do this You can IM in world if you like: Zuri Simca I can try to help you understand how they do it.
  13. Hey there everyone! My topic is friends. And what I mean is I would like some. It seems that over the years, 7 years to be exact XD yeah I'm old haha, I have noticed my friends have just gone. They either quit or just stop showing up over time. I guess that's normal, but that's bad news for me. You see I 'work' a lot in SL, I am currently giving my old store a make-over with new everything and I get quite lonely building, texturing, and renaming my old products all alone. I would like some company :D so if any of you don't mind someone who's busy and kind of socially awkward please go ahead a
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