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  1. Sorry to hear it's been awhile since I created a character but tell me have you bought the hud? 75 linden from the DCS store or from the sim your at that is the first step. so have to check if you did this or not
  2. Interesting post. Never thought it was an issue I play my wife's avatar in dark-role play sim. Just liked the tough female fighter type. Problem was when the Demon raped me, not so much that I got raped by a demon but when I told my wife about it she was less than amused, "What are you doing to my poor little avatar!" Then later I was captured by a vampire family and turned into a pet and I started to wonder if this was such a good ideal after a few slave/master encounters So I tried to kill the head vampire (sort of suicide by vampire) But instead of getting killed right away I manage to get away didn't kill the head vampire just managed to make her really really mad at me. Went to the opposing faction thinking the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but somehow they didn't think that instead they shot me and threw me over the bridge. Which sucked! Didn't want to let my wife's avatar just float there forever so My Master came and rescued me hid me in Lost Vegas (Of course) I had friends there who would hide me out and now I find myself again a slave girl but to another vampire this time as a way to hiding me from the first family who has a kill on site order for me. (You know next time I think I'll just play a male women get into too much trouble). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOlsnP_0p1s for my youtube movie of the christine drachios story
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