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  1. I wonder if there would be a potential solution in a way that allows old content to use old code, and new content the choice of using new features. I understand mono seems to work like this but I mean a Fuller implementation, maybe structs or object orientated looping since in sl, there's a huge need for looping through content. I don't mean to ramble, you're explaination is just what I was looking for, but from a lsl programer standpoint, these are what I'm often found wishing for
  2. I've got 2 questions. Is there any particular reason why multi-dim arrays havnt been implemented? Are there any plans to implement this at all? even 2d array functionality would be appreciated.
  3. thank you for the response, i was really hoping it was my own stupid move that did it instead of a bug
  4. i was working around with making a script that would clean up the object if it wasnt used for 60 seconds. well i deleted one before the timout happed, and now it will not stop spamming messages saying it was cleaned up. details: it is set up with a timer event to cycle through every second incrementing a integer variable. when the variable reaches greater than 60, it does a message to the owner saying it was cleaned and then does llDie()
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