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  1. This year's Halloween special at Grim Bros. /Low prim & Grim features two flavours of Halloween: "scary and weird" (blood stains! mystery meat! mad scientist organ playing!) and also "harmless and weird"(skullbunnehs! shrooms of doom! carousel of certainly-not-death!). This means you can pick whether you prefer cute, cartoonish, happy and colourful Halloween deco (turn right upon arrival) or something sinister (turn left upon arrival, follow zombies, find out that the zombies have no idea where they are going, drop zombie-following plan, instead go to house, enter) Pop by to ride the carousel, find some hidden freebies, win apple bobbin' prizes, bump into zombies, or play the mad scientist's organ while taking a picture for the family album. If you want to pop by, here's your flight plan: Halloween Special By the way, her's a look at the "harmless and weird" part of the area. PS: Thanks to Martin Ren who provided the wicked architecture for our big Haunted House!
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