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  1. is your linden home set to 'private' or 'age verified'? if your partner isn't age-verified and that option is checked on (i believe it's defaulted off though), they can't even step into the house. i keep mine on to weed out possible underage or general public essentially. i don't see why they couldn't set Home though if they could gain entrance though. it's just another landmark (that's defaulted titled Home) afaik.
  2. submitted my opinion, i'm more of a CMNF though but i can see the allure of one-sided nudism. i just prefer being the nude party in it (rather than the man in this case) i did suggest a sister sim for CMNF. i do think neither should be a sex sim though. we have a gazillion of those! i've been trying the nudism sims recently. and there is a CMNF mini-sim but something more wholescale sim with shopping, clubs chat, etc. would be nice too.
  3. agreed with being upfront. but if they're stalking you, blocking only goes so far. because alt's exist they can create one and just be a "new person". scary in some ways. unfortunately you can't block their "IP" or whatever. don't even know if that's applicable for SL. 0_o
  4. hmm, i really don't know the technicals bu ti thought you could add it to the image of the skin on one arm (guessing that might be much more expensive than a "simple tattoo"). but i also thought you could do it in a clothing layer? aren't there one-sided clothing? dresses, bracelets, etc.? again, i don't really know for sure any of the technicals but the guy i went to (J & A) was able to do just one cheek but it is a different body part/area. *shrugs*
  5. i recently found a custom tattoo shop (J & A Designs) to do one for me. i gave them specific location (right butt cheek) and an image and got it back the same day (ymmv). i was very pleased with the turnaround and being able to get exactly what i wanted. that might be (getting a custom tattoo) be your best option for quality and specific (one arm or leg, etc.) location.
  6. Gamja Myanamotu wrote: I so totally agree with you. I was rping with one girl, a girl mind you, not a guy, and her writing started to get sucky and she was playing with herself. I was like, mood gone. oops! i've been guilty of this. typing with one hand or wet hands isn't easy, y'know?! lol! usually, my grammar and typing skills are meticulous. so yeah, you cna definitely tell when/if my fingers are "roaming" when thye strt flbuing or mispling. ;p but i do apologize when that happens. usually, i try and just concentrate but the long "silences" between replying during rp'ing are annoying for both sides i would think.
  7. guys almost always want to know if you came or not, SL or RL. i've met a few in RL that didn't care (they were really good lays actually so i know what you're talking about gamja! ;D) but by and large most guys really REALLY want to know they made you **bleep**. THAT last point is the real issue, of course. ego boosting. i don't think they really care I came or not but rather if THEY MADE me **bleep**. i.e. equating my orgasm to whether or not they're good in bed what they fail to realize is my orgasm doesn't always coincide with their "abilities". yes, a really good oral can make me **bleep**. but too often it's not really good. "messy/slobbery" does NOT = good. anyways, i've grown so accustomed to them asking that i'd be surprised more if they don't, RL or SL. honestly i want to know if i made them **bleep** or not. we all want to be sex queens and when a guy doesn't **bleep** i do take it personally. in RL i wrk at it until he does!!! lol! it's a pride thing for me, not sure if that counts as ego or not. i don't mind their asking but if i say no, that usually sets off a barrage of questions and hurt feelings on their side. they just don't get it that sometimes i can't **bleep** at all! nothing to do with them. i just usually try to explain that i came already, lie and say i did (gasp!), or that i almost came (which is the truth usually). as for them "wonking off" (lol), i'd be hurt if they weren't "wonking off". i spent a lot of lindens on my avatar and i like to think i'm a good sexter! ;p don't take it personally. they're all just hit & runs as far as i'm concerned. ;D
  8. disclaimer: i'm NOT a tech minded person! did you reboot the viewer? i assume you did because it won't clear otherwise but i learned from a good friend, ask the obvious questions to get them out of the way for the really difficult problems. (not that i have a solution,i stop at the simple things >.< ) also ime, i get different results from different sims. >.> premium sims (i'm a premium member) do seem to be more robust in rebooting or correcting. maybe do some of the dressing/redressing on a premium sim, if possible.
  9. could be leftover from a previous outfit? i've had leftover cache(?) problems when switching drastic shapes (e.g. tiny/fairy to normal) that had to be cleared out via the cache. (tip from a friend of mine) side note: i wish avatar designers could include better hands and feet. had to buy separate feet, matching coloration isdifficult! >.< but my hands are still blah. it's like having cheap contractor-type hardware and fixtures for a custom built home.
  10. interesting read, thank you for posting it. i do agree with some of her thoughts but not all of them though.
  11. depends on the "audience" but i tend to change outfits in private because i also tend to mix and match and rather appear finished than looking "off". it's one of the things i love about SL, i can change outfits at a click of the button vs. RL. ;D but i do try and change only in M or A areas if pressed for time for some reason, then i might find a quiet corner. actually, this is one thing i noticed when i shop in SL, no changing rooms. i guess it's the feasibility of it and the simplicity of just TP'ing somewhere else but often when i shop i have to stop after one or two items and TP somewhere to try things on. tends to kill the shopping mood for me.
  12. Jennifer Boyle wrote: Recently, I discovered that outfit folders can be moved to regular inventory folders outside of the My Outfits folder. They still work perfectly well, but they do not show on the outfit tab. [...] I have one Nude Avatar outfit (One could have as many as one wanted.) containing skin, shape, eyes, bald head, tattoo layers I always wear, physics layer, AAA, and other attachments I always wear. I have a few other outfits containing only attachments that I wear in certain situations. I am removing the items that are in these outfits from all of my actual clothing outfits. I can first replace my outfit with the Nude Avatar outfit, then add the appropriate attachment outfit for the occasion, and finally add the clothing outfit. When I decide to change my skin or get a new AO, I'll only have to change the nude outfit. Right now, I have the physics layer in the Nude Avatar outfit, but I'm thinking that it may need to be in the individual clothing outfits because different clothing may require different physics settings once I learn to use physics properly. i didn't know about being able to move the folders out of My Outfits either! tyvm for the tip! as for avatar physics, it's still a mystery to me. ??? still trying to figure that option out. o_0
  13. shopping > creating lol! i'd love to be able to create like that though. it would save me kaboodles of L$! >.< i've been mix and matching here and there but honestly, the effort (i think it would take) outweighs me just charging another x-amount of L$ to my card for a quick purchase. while shopping here IS addictive <.< i can still treat myself to a whole new wardrobe for the price of one pair of shoes in the RL!!! (that's how i kind of justify the shopping binges here at least )
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