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  1. Yes Perrie, such is the case:


    repeatedly informed of frequent crashes, and asked it to be transmitted to whon it should concern, by live chat.

    same with support ticket  (not the first two requests however)  so that both Lindens and me have a trace.

    So , i am in the point you say at the end.


    From another side, I rized more than a jira, ( sorry for spaming this place).

     But it was asked to me to provide the date.... what I am doing when it occurs in the the jira.


    This showns

    - that the Lindens have no records on sim that are down or do not use it

    - that we have not the right to select the channel

    - that  btw  there is no jira for sim specific issues


    In any case, that before a solution can be found ,  region will be socialy dead




  2. Point is so:


    string askedat;

    key request;

    string regionName;

    default() {

    touch_start(integer nd) {

          If {

        REGION_DOWN // (wrong RC channel or whatever the reason ) and down two days or so aweek


         DOWN_ON_WEEK_END //  tickets filed take surely nearly one day


        DOWN_ON_FRYDAY_AFTERNOON // live chat transmits but people is going home




      request = llGetInformResult("region " + regionname + " is  down more than 40 hours a week, and especially on week end",(askedat = llGetTimeStamp() ), SUPPORT I   LINDENS);



    info_return(key infoid, string timestamp, string data, key sender) {

     if(infoid == request) llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), llKey2Name(sender) + "\tat "+ timestamp + "\t"+data + "\from request dated  " + askeddata);




    You will have message:

    "dont'_say_my_name_Linden    2014-12-13:50:21   thanks for your info, we are curying it as fast as possible. We are soory that meanwhile we killed your activities in the region   from request    2012-09-11-11-11 "


    hint: do not forget to put the script in a sim that is not the incremented one.



  3. It was more a brainstorming question Innula,  sorry for my misleading answer.

    Dirk suggested a dashboard for sim restart. I like the idea, but paranoia will impeach it for sure.

    I have asked to at least have a reliable site where exact status of sims is allowed for residents or at least for region owners. 

    Presently, one of my regions shows up on map, but this is false. From aside it is invisible, it is not possible to teleport, my in sim surveyors are dead. Wath map shows is fake. I got one time the answer that is was a viewer issue from Lindens.  The llRequestSimulator data or gives no answer of give also false answer "region status up", while it is completely dead and inaccessible.

    As for support, during work hours and working days, live chat works as they can. they have to refer to "engineers", and it often takes a day.  Submitting ticket, takes a day. On week end, it is according to the weather !

    I dont' see any justification for a region to be down : there are roll restarts each week.  The region in default is working 5 days a week, and all activieties have of course disapeared from it.

    I am sure that this is not an isolated case, and that LLs are not managing the situation. And support absent during week end, when activity is major, what joke is this !



  4. Region down, two days a week nearly!

    If it happens on week end ,  and you have some shops on it, or provide some services,  your region will fast be deserted.

    Pay fees, be premium, there is no help on week end. If simulator is wrotten, no place that take your complains in consideration.

    Which serious enterprise or institution will cope with this ?

    Are LL planing to remove all private regions out of the game ?

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