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  1. Yes, I am aware that this won't be an easy find but I am hopeful and optimistic that someone is out there who wants to create this project with me, someone who really enjoys working on these sort of things. The design work will be just as much work as the programming as both sides play a very important part in a project. Also this won't be just the normal battle pet project, the idea behind it is quite unique. Thanks for the input though!
  2. Scripter found, thanks for any interest!
  3. I have been waiting since the 7th of October... it's already mid october >.> the wait is killing me financially as that money is depended on to be used back into Second Life. I really wish the government didn't pass that law because the money was processed within 24 hours through xchange4ls, so now we have to wait in Linden Labs as it's our ONLY source of paying out with Linden. Too bad they are not able to just get those other companies to grant their rights to sell linden instead of buy, tbh i'm even surprised they are able to stay in business. I'm just personally frustrated...
  4. I may have missed this in my panic of no more temp uploads but, how do you upload a local texture? I do a lot of building in SL and this just added to my already horrible day >.< so any sign of hope would be nice to hear. Thanks again SL.....
  5. With the new TOS and such in place, and Linden Labs halting all the 3rd party exchange websites. I noticed that they started to allow the other websites to sell linden to customers, but customers can't sell lindens back. Basically, there is nowhere else other then Lindex to convert lindens to any dollar amount. I wonder, if they can grant these companies the ability for customers to buy linden from them, why can't they grant them the ability to sell? Cmon LL, we can't rely on Lindex for everything! SL is too big and Lindex is so slow >.< I'm sure all of us have had the issue of selling your linden to lindex, then waiting a loooonnnggg time for them to finally process it. This is fustrating, specially for people who own land or use the RL money as investment to an in world company or otherwise. I put in a process credit on the 13th of August.. it's the 19th already, and nothing. It's still "processing..." and thus I am late on my SL companies bills. So my question is, is there anywhere at all? anywhere, we can sell lindens for usd dollars and not have to wait a century for it to process? I know the question is a long shot but I guess I'm still in a light of hope that something will change....or maybe someone has some advice. Thanks!
  6. Thank you! This was right, the sim was having issues. Wow.. guess first time for everything huh?
  7. Ok this is a first for me >.> Rented land on a sim, it's a homestead I believe. Was decorating when suddenly as I dropped an item, I got this error: [22:47] Second Life: Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region. It seems to occur with everything I try and drop out of my inventory. Then I noticed that when I made a prim, it was phantom. In fact, majority of the prims went phantom even when it's not checked. Any idea whats going on? o.O
  8. I'm no stranger to sculpting and mesh in Second Life. However, despite being able to sculpt a decent LOD sculpty, it takes me a lot of steps to try and get the sculpt to look EXACTLY how it is in blender. I just have a quick question, is anyone able to make a sculpty be exported from the current blender in a better LOD format? Am I missing something easier? What do you do to make your sculpts smoother and less jagged? I know mesh is the new thing, but I need to do a sculpt project so am seeing what help I can get on this subject. Thanks! :D
  9. I am not used to how things have changed with SL, seems as though finding a scripter is more work then it used to be. Are people really abusing their abilities? If so, that's horrible D: I always make sure whoever works with me gets paid fair, and that things are negotiated properly to where everyone is happy. To know this is why some scripters may be hesitant really is dissapointing but as I said, I shall keep my hopes high and continue searching. I'm going to gather the details and see about fixing up a better more professional post looking for a dedicated scripter. I noticed my excited toned post is not as appreciated as back in the day. Wow I sound old lol Thanks again for the advice!
  10. To your first paragraph, that is totally understandable and probably why it is tough to find someone to script. This project will only require the scripter to do their side of the job and their duties required of the project. Usually if you are able to find someone who has the skills as a scripter and combine them with someone who has amazing sculpting and texturing skills, that's how you get a great product. My partner and I will be providing the builds, textures, and everything else with this project, including managing customer service. We have more then just an idea, and of course we do have the ability to bring more to the table. I've been a developer within SecondLife since 2004, so my skills with building, texturing, managing, etc have a good amount of experience. I also have a great eye for projects and ideas alongside the builds, but as I said, lacking in someone who is willing to do the scripting. I'm currently rebuilding my avatar line and had an idea for a second side company to go along with them. ^^ I do get what you are saying though and see your point, though I shall remain hopeful and continue my search in hopes to find the right person for the job.
  11. Yes, I am aware that the scripter will also be considered a developer or IT professional and that there should be more details, though I usually do not negotiate on forums which is why I ask for a notecard in world. ^^ Once the duties are established and someone is willing to work alongside the projects that need to be done, then we discuss payment and percentages. At this moment I'm just hoping to find someone at least interested who is willing to consider the position and requirements. Though I appreciate your advice and thank you for responding. ^^
  12. So, upon my return to Second Life after a few years, I noticed that scripters are very hard to come by. I have ideas yet no one to really stay dedicated to them. Everyone I find is hired and already working on projects, long term ones, so there is basically no one reliable or with desire enough to hire up to work for me. So I guess since this is a wanted ad, I'll do my best to put in a want for a full time scripter. Please know that if you are a scripter and are looking to work with someone who is dedicated and driven, that is what I would need. This job is not a part time, but a full time, with of course pay for the compelted projects. Scripter must have the qualifications: *Knowledge in LSL *Able to make working HUDS *Knowledge of MSQL/PHP/HTML/As3/ Data Base (mostly MSQL and PHP and Database) *Knowledge of running outside servers for in world products *Able to have great communication skills *Creative and Dedicated *Passion for deadlines and finishing products in a timely fashion If you are a scripter and feel like you'd love to join a team to where you always have work and benefit from it, then please send me a notecard with your experienced work in SL and anything you feel you are really good at as far as scripting. Hope you are out there somewhere mister scripter XD Thanks for reading, Cheetah Kitty
  13. Hi again everyone! Now that I am getting more familiar with the new Blender, there is another question I have yet to find the answer for. Blender has a bounding box, and I wonder if there is a way to resize it? The sculpty I made seems to be cut off when I mold it past the bounding box and I need it to be molded a bit further as shrinking it doesn't do anything. Any help would be appreciated? Basically, how can I resize or fix the bounding box?
  14. The new bender is using primstar and has an import as sculpty on the right side for the UV image editor. I'm trying to see if the stitching option is available anywhere. The stitch mode in SL is sphere. If I change it in SL, it does indeed cut the exact same way as the model in blender when i select plane. No specific importer option but I'm going to see if there is any way to change the stitching on this somewhere in the options. If anyone has any idea how to change the stitching mode of an object already in blender.
  15. Ok so I am used to using blender a lot, imported a .tga sculpt map and turns out it came into the new blender looking like this: The original sculpt does not have that cut, I don't know what it is or why it's there or how to fix it to join into a solid obect again. It's very hard to pretend it's not there when working, and my fusterations have lead me to ask for help. Does anyone know how to make this sculpt one piece again without that cut? Why is it there? When I edit the sculpty and export it into SL, the cut is gone in SL, which means it's only in blender. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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