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  1. The Lindens have stated that they want concrete examples of what why bone translations are important - examples of what can be done with translations, and what work-arounds and compromises must be done to accomplish similar results with rotations only. That's a very good point, and yes, we really need some emperical evidence here. But one problem I feel Linden Lab really should bring to mind is that they didn't actually block bone translations on Aditi. Many people exersizing the Bento skeleton right now have no idea bone translations were even intended to be blocked. You can rig and animate the face just fine right now, and many people are just declaring it "ALL CLEAR!"
  2. Since potentially everyone's going to be having their avatar_lad.xml files updated with the coming Project Bento, now might be the perfect time to fix some the slightly different origin points for right-side-of-body attachments. Previously the problem with fixing it was not everyone seeing the same thing until everyone was updated. Fixing it would make having perfectly mirrored attachments much easier since they'd be on the same coordinate system. I believe it was shown to be far too subtle to break existing content.
  3. Here is a little opensource program made by Zwagoth Klaar. It parse a .anim file, load it into a struct, populate a nice GUI to edit the animations by hand, then export it back out as a .anim. Since it's opensource, any dedicated coder could work out the format structure. Or perhaps, you could ask Zwagoth Klaar about it. https://github.com/lordgreggreg/par/releases/tag/v1
  4. .anim files generated from AvaStar/Blender. They work without a hitch. That's no promise that they always will, of course.
  5. I found it very odd that there seems to be nothing stopping you from creating bone-translating animations for the new face bones in Project Bento, regardless of what is stated on the wiki. So either LL changed their minds some time between the writing of the wiki and the initial release of the Project Bento Beta, or they have not yet implimented the uplaod blocking. So, let it be clear: Project Bento, right now, to me, is perfect. You can rig to the face bones, you can slide those face bones around with animations to put them where they need to be for your avatar. Nothing suddenly reverts when you try to rotate them after translate them - it's pretty much smooth sailing from blender straight to SL. The only cause for alarm is the Wiki actually stating that it's blocked. Even though it currently isn't. But if it is blocked in the future, yeah, that's a big problem. The face bones wouldn't be nearly as useful with rotations alone.
  6. Qie Niangao wrote: Unless I'm missing some griefing vector, which I usually am. No, I don't think you're missing anything here. Restricting KVP read/writes to only land that allow the land-scope experience seems entirely arbarary, as there's absolutely nothing griefy you could do. The restrictions appear to be made for and justified by what you can do with persistent/automatic script permissions. Applying those same restrictions to the KVP functions appears to be a case of over-protection and that's very, VERY unfourtinate. The clear work-around, if you want to keep everything in-world, is to make a HTTP proxy so you can communicate to a prim rezzed at a home location to do the read and writes for you, and send back the data. This is a real hassle, and I don't understand why it should be necessary. Being able to use a HTTP proxy to get your KVP data doesn't allow you to do anything "greify", it just creates lots of overhead and it's a real pity not to be able to use the functions directly in an attachment. I have absolutely no need for grid-scope persistent permissions, but I very much want/need grid-scope KVP. It will be a shame if the only way to have KVP access gridwide is to have a grid-scope key, as that will be paying for major, powerful, greify-potential features I just don't need in order to be able to do what I actually want.
  7. The amount of time an avatar spends in pre-jumping depends on how long it's prejumping animation is set for. When the prejumping animation is over, the avatar will automatically continue into the jumping animation. If you replace an avatar's prejumping with llSetAnimationOverride, it must be an animation that ends on it's own. If the animation loops endlessly, you'll get stuck in pre-jumping and never actually jump. I haven't tested if there are upper or lower bounds, but so long as the animation is <2.0 seconds, it should automatically move into the jumping animation when it's over, without needing to time it.
  8. I've found you can get some interesting avatar physics if you define an attachment as a vehicle. For example, avatars float in system water if you define them as llSetVehicleType(VEHICLE_TYPE_BOAT); I'm positive you can play with the various vehicle paramters to edit your avatar's friction to be a bit more slippery, though keep in mind you'll need some high-priority animations otherwise you'll be walking in place quite a bit.
  9. The easiest thing to do is create a keyvalue you know will exist later: llCreateKeyValue("ExperienceTest", "Ping!"); Then, whenever you you want to check if your experience is going to work, you could attempt to read the value: llReadKeyValue("ExperienceTest"); If you get your "Ping!" string back, you know your experience is working. Otherwise, you'll get back a return value that represents an error, most likely XP_ERROR_NOT_PERMITTED_LAND.
  10. Will grid scope experiences be the only way to access a KVP database from anywhere on the grid, or will that functionality be added to land scope keys as well? I ask this because the KVP is my main interest in the experience tools; while I'm fine with the persistent permissions only working on my own land, access to my KVP from anywhere was something I expected to be able to do from any experience-compiled script.
  11. Ask the people who are being messaged for a copy of the message, so you will know the object name. It is possible something you have rezzed has been unknowingly or unexpectedly scripted to send out messages to others.
  12. Your logic is correct, that is how you separate an on-attach code from on-detatch code. However, llRegionSayTo requires three parameters: The key of the recipient, the channel, and the message. In your posted code you are missing the key parameter in both cases calls to llRegionSayTo, so your code will not compile.
  13. Since the above answers are focusing mostly on the Marketplace, I'd like to emphsize that you can use in-world land that you own for any purpose you like. If it's rented land, you'll need to OK it with your landlord, but Linden Lab has no specific rules against advertizing anything outside of Second Life, so long as it fits within the region rating and community standards. The mentioned limitations are specific to the web-based Marketplace only, which is only for the selling of virtual goods and services.
  14. Ctrl-Shift-F pulls up 'People' Window and choose the Friends tab. Be sure you don't have anything typed in the search feild at the top of your friends list, since that will filter names out. If you have it sorted by Status instead of by Name, you'll also need to expand the 'All' category to see any friends that may be offline. If they don't appear on either list, it is posible you may have been removed!
  15. Ctrl-T will open your conversation floater, and close it if it's already in focus.
  16. If your inventory has broken links, it means you deleted the original item that they were links of. If you copy and paste inventory items to make copies, be sure to pick 'Paste' and not 'Paste as Link' - links are not separate copies. If the original item is deleted, the link will become unusable, similar to a shortcut to a file that has been deleted on a computer.
  17. When you rent a home, you don't actually own the land, and will need to follow the rules set by the person who actually owns the land - the one you're renting from. So I can't really give you any definite rules for what you'd be able to do on rented land - in each case you'll need to ask your landlord what they'll let you do with it. On the other hand, if you just buy land from LL, there's no restrictions, but it does tend to be more expensive compared to renting.
  18. There's always a chance that it's not that great of an animation. But In general if you lengthen your arms, it will cause your upper arms to be longer which means our elbows will be farther out on your body when you fold your arms. Most female shapes will look fine with arm length all the way up to 100. (In fact, they could afford to go a little longer than 100, unfourtinately.)
  19. Adding someone to your land access list is the same as using llAddToLandPassList with a duration of 0, meaning indefinately.
  20. The 0.4 offset always needs to be used to correctly position a prim's llSitTarget, regardless of the position or rotation you calculate. However, llSitTarget(ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_ROTATION) is a special case that removes the sit target entirely. I believe the wiki is speaking as if you are making a method that automatically fixes the offset before applying the sit target, which in that case you'd want to check for the case of zero_vector and zero_rotation, and not apply the offset, so that the sit target can still be removed.
  21. The font is Deja Vu sans. It's a propriatry font, so third party viewers usually use a different one entirely. Left-justified float text is something we really need for HUD displays. Feel free to leave a comment/vote on/watch the feature request for it here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SCR-221
  22. Nada, I'm afraid. The regions are empty so I'm guessing they might be locked out entirely.
  23. The regions appear to be unaccessable to residents. (Tried the obvious groups like "Second Life Beta")
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