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  1. I don't know viewer code.

    I'm really not sure what's going on in the technical side of this viewer, however all I know is that this is the first 2.0 viewer I've seen that allows me to get my same framerate, something that hasn't been possible on an official viewer since 1.23.5.

    And for me, that's a great step in the right direction. I don't know what fix caused this change, but,


  2. Next Steps for Mesh Import

    While you'll be able to have custom bone lengths (a feature you'll be able to use in the open beta, no closed beta'ers have gotten their hands on it yet I've been told), the general anatomy can't change. You can't change from the tetrapod skeleton hierarchy.

  3. Next Steps for Mesh Import

    1.) Yes, it's a new type of primitive. It is editable in the same way as a sculpty, IE, stretch, position, and rotation only.

    2.) It will be TPV's responsibility to backport mesh, although the Snowstorm project will no doubt assist in getting the code out.

    3.) The ceiling cap is 65536 verts, although more verts will count as more prims towards land totals.

    4.) -Zbrush has Collada export.- Edit: My mistake, it does not.

    5.) Other than saving your model as a .dae file, very little preparation for SL is needed unless you want a rigged model, just keep the vert count in check. One thing to note is you'll want to make 4 separate LOD versions of your mesh, with each lower LOD using at most half the verts of the previous one. All four .dae files will be uploaded in unison. The upload dialog has the ability to generate these lower LOD models for you, but you have more control of how your mesh will look from far away if you make them manually. This custom LOD, along with custom UV texture mapping, would be the two major improvements to converting existing sculpts to mesh.

  4. Next Steps for Mesh Import


    The Snowstorm project is dedicated to getting the newest features out to third party viewers as soon as possible so that everything is seeing the same things. There are at least two 1.x viewers currently part of Snowstorm, Imprudence and Phoenix. Perhaps more.

    The transition to sculpties was the same - not everyone could see them. The same happened when the mirror-sculpt and inverse-sculpt check-boxes were added. Early-adopter content that relied on them encouraged viewer upgrades, and then with wider adoption came full support.


    Dang, this blog page is laggy with all the comments. We should convert comments to mesh.

  5. Next Steps for Mesh Import

    I just took a gander at Turbosquid.

    What good are every-day, real-world models for SL?
    Good for the people who want to play virtual dollhouse I guess, but there's nothing available in mesh repositories that have the driving force of style.
    Vivi has it right by flooding the market with freebie meshes - all the quicker people realize how boring they are and the real original mesh content, made-for-SL, will start to shine.
  6. Next Steps for Mesh Import

    "And all the current texture (non-prim) clothing and skins?  Obsolete."

    Actually, no.

    There's no reason access to baked textures couldn't be available to meshes to allow them to wear clothing, assuming the meshes were specifically created with this in mind.

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