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  1. OK so there is a lot of people in sl that do the resell thing ok no big deal now lets say you just bought a fullperm something ok now theres no notecard in there that says you cant resell it blah blah is it still ok to resell fullperm things that dont say you cant its not hurting TOS or anything and if you find this ok should people IM you crying like 2yearolds that you are reselling a friends thing or what ever mind you not the maker but a friend. Now i dont see a prob with it if its fullperm and you dont have anything anywhere saying DONT RESELL MY THINGS DONT MAKE THEM INTO A RESELL KIT BLAH BLAH but i wanna know what you all think
  2. its all good now im back in world never found out what the beef was but im back thank you all for putting on your 2cents kisses
  3. i know i have kids in world i have a fmaily and idk they wont tell me anything its been about 5 hours from the last email i got from them
  4. so im online today working on a few things and i crash and now it says LOGIN FAILED SECONDLIFE CANNOT BE ACCESSED FROM THEIS COMPUTER OK so whats that mean i did the ticket thing and they say im not in trouble they dont know why it is saying that anyone got a idea
  5. Belive me i have tryed that for my friend but they still bug him i kinda hope they read this i would love to have them IM after so long some part of me misses them trying to tell me whats whats we need a anitstalker on the SL viewer that wouls be fun
  6. Belive it or not my friend had to leave SL due to stalkers there is a way to find a person by useing i think its a UUID if im not wrong its like your computers number no matter what everyone has that code no matter if you use 3 or more AVs and there are ways in sl to get a uuid huds and what not can do it its a hard thing to do BUT what i had to do for him was find the GIRLS doing it and i let them have a thing or 2 and that got it to stop still they found out his acc was not all the way gone then they came back so now he cant come back but because we have kids together in sl he wont close the acc so hunny all i ahve to tell you is find out who is doing it IM them and muting works too try that i wish you well at it they can be hard to get off your back
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