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  1. An avatar like that is stupid easy to pull off with a mesh body and head. hell, with mesh you could make it look 10 times better.
  2. You're missing the point of EVERY other person in this thread. what you want, as far as we've been able to discern, is complete domination over a woman in SL. you don't want to just create an alt to do what you want, no. you want to do this to another person entirely. it's NEVER going to happen. even the most submissive gorean slave you could ever possibly find in SL still has a mind of their own and won't do EVERYTHING under the sun that you want, especially under the terms you've provided. No one else is going to say it so I will. You're a sexist pig looking to get your rocks off by controll
  3. Have you ever considered creating a fresh alt account and then controlling that account to your heart's content? i doubt very much that you will be able to do what you want otherwise.
  4. I have plenty of stories on how SL has shaped my real life. First and foremost, i have Aspergers syndrome. SL has allowed me to experiment and practice social skills that i've applied and further excelled at since becoming a resident in 2008. in 2011 i met the love of my life. a woman whom i plan on meeting one day soon. besides this, SL has also furthered my understanding of what friends can and should be, as well as given me examples on how NOT to be a friend. i've been treated like absolute **bleep** by people i'd once thought were friends, but i've also been consoled by deep friendships t
  5. BULL**bleep**ING **bleep**. Aeon Voom did NOT create Modern Vice combat. the creator of Modern VICE air combat was joe Sparrow of Astral Tek. Voom is a copycat and a drama monger. he's stolen everything from Astral Tek and claimied it as his own. he's banned tons of VICE equipment from his sims, tons of players, and his sim is the exact opposite of the kind of community model SL is known for. it is a closed off, tightly controlled and biggoted group of sims. LInden Labs, thisarticle is full of bull**bleep**. if you want to talk to the REAL creator of Modern Air combat in SL, Contact Joe Sparro
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