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  1. I was at a point where I was getting on SL every night, 7 days a week. It was a fun time with friends and building. Then there were some pretty cool places with dark hallways or bright particle shows we would visit that eventually would disappear overnight. I'm not sure what LL did wrong in the beginning, I wasn't here for that, but, when they opened their big fat mouth and talked about this new SL, that is when most people just up and left. That's the main reason for all the abandoned mainland. I stuck it out for a while, but I quit logging in as well, because when this new SL is complete, you can't transfer anything from this current SL world. I spent so much in L$, to go to a new place and spend more money, no thanks LL. They've alienated a lot of people, and in the end have shot themselves in the foot. Good job LL, good job.
  2. Because, when LL first broke the news that it was going to be switching over to a brand new SL, eventually leaving this one behind, most land owners said, welp, time to pack it up and leave. Then you had people saying to stick around and support LL, because if a bunch of people left, LL would re-evaluate their stance and say that the current SL version should be trashed with no warning. My response, what's the point in staying at a place where there is zero activity? You get bored quick, you see all the other people cutting their losses and just up and leaving. If I had to do it all over again, I don't think I would have gone back to SL. A friend told me about it, I joined, a few months later he leaves, I couldn't figure it out so I quit, and then came back to it some time later on, and would stay with SL for a total of about 4 to 5 years. It's an extremely expensive world to be involved in, and that is why most of the people are leaving. I've left SL without looking back, but I have no intentions of ever returning.
  3. Cyzicus Xue wrote: The majority of people who have told me they are leaving were just looking for attention, and ended up spending more time in SL after they said they were leaving. If someone truly wants to escape the hold of SL, they will just leave and not tell everyone. If they want to be nice they could post something in their profile about it, but wait until your last day to do so. Also, not logging on as much as you used to is not the same as leaving SL. While I haven't been involved with SL for probably 2 years now, I can say that I haven't gone back to SL. I will occassionally do a random google search to see how worse it's gotten. This post is my first forum post since I have left the world of SL. And when I was leaving, I was telling as many people as possible. Not for attention, but to say to them, hey I know we hung out at some point, and letting you know that I am leaving for good, and I'm not ever coming back. I even became a member of one of those groups, for assistance, but also because, a ton of people were leaving due to SL's news about LL leaving SL behind. People said to me, stay and show support for SL, because the more people that do leave, the more LL will say, well, I guess people aren't really that interested, let's just shut it all down. Why would I want to stay, when most places I used to visit had already left or were already leaving? Oh and for the record, this isn't me coming back to SL. The forums are one thing, the actual world of SL is different. And you can check this profile in world, Rikel Parkin. I just thought I would respond to what you said, because I did tell a ton of people that I was leaving, my friends and everyone in the support group. Not because I wanted attention, but because I was leaving, and I wanted people to know that I was leaving. All I'm saying is do a bit of fact checking before putting people into a category, because not every person is the same in this world, and we all do things differently.
  4. Thanks for the info! Yes, I do frequent Virtual Games mainly. Maybe I'll visit an adult location here and there, but if it isn't a friend sending me LM's or gifts, I will never accept.
  5. I keep getting these messages like, "GD Games: Hi! GD Games your point of contact for the best entertainment related with games in Second Life. For all the interested ones in the game culture out there we offer a large selection of games." So naturally I decline "You decline 'GD Games Gift Box' ( German Land Holding (129,80,1025) ) from GD Games." And it's an offer to accept or decline a gift. I've gotten a lot of these, one in particular from the same name I eventually muted just so I'd stop receiving this kind of unknown stuff, as I know someone will send a gift and if opened, could cause you harm. Is anyone else running into this problem as well?
  6. Is voice working for anyone else in SL? 4/23/13
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