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  1. Hi Storm - Adding additional emoticons is something we are currently working on from the backlog. I do not have an eta yet, but hopefully we can push them out later this week.
  2. Hi Keli - Great idea! This is something we have scoped out and will work on getting implemented.
  3. Perrie - thanks for the heads up on this. We put in a request to add "blog" and "blogs" to the spell checker, so that should go into effect at some point this week. I believe the reason "if" is showing up in the list is because this is a first word in a sentence -- and the spell check is alerting the poster that it is not capitalized. It will do this if any opening word in a sentence is not capitalized. If you are finding other common words not being found in the spell check, please let me know, and I will work with Lithium to get them added in.
  4. Regarding Daduchus's comment below: ----------------- A real problem, though, is that even though I set my privacy settings so that I don't show as being logged in, I still see my login listed on the front page of the forums. I'm hoping that changes when I log in again. ----------------- Go to Settings > Preferences > Privacy . .. and select the "No one" radio button in the "Show Online Status" section and click Save. By doing this, no one else in the community will be able to see you online. Please note that you and you only will still be able to see your name in the "Users Onl
  5. Hi SuezanneC - The Off Topic forum is for Second Life related discussions that are off topic from the offered sub-forums on community.secondlife.com. If you have suggestions for additional sub-forums, please let us know!
  6. Hi Joshooah - Currently, Kudos is not enabled, but we are working on getting it up and running.
  7. Hi All - If you are wondering how to set up a threaded view in the forum, check out Torley's new tutorial!
  8. @Catten - To subscribe to all Blogs, you can use this link: http://community.secondlife.com/secondlife/rss/Category?category.id=Blogs Or to subscribe to individual Blogs, you can choose "Subscribe to RSS Feed" within the "Article options" drop-down
  9. @syn - pagination has been set up for comments. There are 25 comments per page.
  10. @Cybin - We will work on getting those smilies formatted properly!
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