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  1. hi folks - I've been having trouble teleporting, seems like my contacts, groups, inventory won't finish loading and until they do things don't work ie teleporting, changing clothes, or seeing the sim nextdoor. not sure what to do, using SLviewer v3; and also Firestorm
  2. Hi i'm interested. I'd like to build a sl version of fallingwater the Frank Lloyd Wright house. Simplified and with a few extra basement/garage areas. Let me know if ur inerested I'm me jonhboy quandry aka JB
  3. Hi i'm looking for a home designer to help create a simplified version of Frank Loyd Wright's falling water house, I have detailed plans and a geat parcel of land to build on. pls let me know if you'd be interested. Thanks JB Quandry
  4. Hi I'm trying to tp anywhere i crash using both SLViewer 2 and Firestorm - this is a new issue for me i've been off of sl for a while (3-4 months), I had successfully used both firestorm and sl viewer 2 in the past i've allowed all traffic from both viewers on my firewall I'm transporting my AV only - no scripts Also tried the DNS fix suggested Still no luck - any suggestions? Stuck :-(
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