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  1. I have been around sl for a long time and have run into people dancing in sync with each other typically they are using a Chimera (you can find on on Xstreet) and generally using quality dance animations (Sine Wave makes some very good dances). My best advice take a day ( a bunch of lindens) search around for mocap dances and go to Sine Wave to look for dance you and your partner enjoy dancing to. Sl is infantly customizeable for everyone.
  2. Why do people decide to do anything?? Because that is what makes them feel good. Being a submissive/slave does not equal being a doormat in my book. It simply means you know what you want and are happy submitting to someone you trust to take care of you. there are plenty of people out in the world both sl and rl that decide that they want to use and abuse someone and become a Master/Mistrees or even a sub/slave to be used and abused. Is it right?? no but it is their choice. Hopefully they will find someone that makes them realize that being a slave isn't being a punching bag or a doormat. Why did I chose to become what I have become? Simply it excites me and I enjoy being who and what I am!
  3. I quit going to RP sims because they all ended up being first person shooters... Usually horny Noobs looking to capture a panther in a gor sim. Never been to a vampire sim I have enough fun reading Laurel K Hamilton. As for the other type of RP sims well I have been there wandered around a empty sim (plenty of Gor sims are like that too) and got bored then teleported home... I guess RP isn't quite for me I play myself really well but trying to act like someone else well... I am not so good at that. But those who enjoy it have fun I am going to lie around my beach and enjoy the surf and the sunshine
  4. There isn't one. plain and simple... but there is karma and I have known it to bite people on their posterior. They do have Ex Masters/Mistresses and who knows how sadistic they are, and warning the new Mater/Mistress about the newly collared slave. Of course people don't tend to believe what others say about someone new and shiny to them...
  5. I am going to stick my neck out and say there is absolutely nothing wrong with men... I know because I am one... I am very happily male. I admit we can be a bit obtuse, thick headed and seemingly one tracked minds. That said there are plenty of them out there you just have to get lucky to find the right one (sadly I am taken). I also have to say I am not really in favor of riding pose palls until a script says !*!*!*!* congrats you may have made a baby.... Now if you could answer this question about rl women and how to find a good one I will be happy to listen... I have tried multiple times and struck out spectacularly.
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