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  1. It seems like me changing this particular setting in Firestorm from 0 to 1 might have fixed the issue for me. But the problem is, both Second Life and Firestorm Viewer were giving me the issue. In either case, about 1-2 days after I changed this image decoder concurrency setting from 0 (default) to 1, everything started working again. So, any M1/M-series users with this issue, try changing that setting!
  2. I hope someone can reproduce this for me if they have this device/an M-serires Mac and the current developer or public beta of macOS Monterey. Quite perplexing. And it seems hard to rollback this test machine to macOS Big Sur, the current non-beta OS.
  3. Man, interesting. It seems clearing all cache and directories, reinstalling macOS Monterey lets me load content for a little bit, but then it stops a bit. I can only think it's an OS issue, Firestorm compatibility or network issue; absolutely everything else works network wise.
  4. I'm on macOS Monterey beta and am finding that, while I can move around, chat with people, do voice chat and play music/media streams, only about 1-5% of objects load in grey, while the land and textures on all objects do not load. I am on an M1 Mac mini 2020. This does not appear to matter no matter what combination of network settings I use listed below: Primary VPN, NordVPN is turned on or disabled Internet Private Relay (mostly Safari-based anti-tracking feature to mask IP address) is turned on or off default Xfinity Internet-provided DNS or Google's DNS servers. asset and texture caches cleared, changed directory or Second Life clients get reinstalled. I assume this will be fixed by the time macOS Monterey comes out in a month or two but, I am surprised nobody has talked about macOS beta here with the viewer. As a side note, every viewer I tried (Alchemy, Second Life default viewer, Firestorm) cause this issue. When I tested a Windows 10 and Windows 11 virtual machine with Second Life, assets would load fine, so I know it's not related to my account. Has anyone had any experience with this
  5. My case got fixed because the HDMI cord was not hooked into the graphics card. I bought a new USB hub that had HDMI and I had my monitor hooked into the hub instead of the card. I don’t build computers and I’m not a PC gamer so I’m glad I was able to test that out after seeing what happened. Hopefully you guys will get your issues fixed!
  6. Same issue but MacBook Air with an eGPU (Razer Core X, Thunderbolt 3 port) and a Radeon RX 580 8GB hooked up to it. It's worked with Second Life since day one, but the past day and a half it hasn't worked. If I turn off "prefer eGPU" option then things seem to load ok. Restarting the computer and reinstalling the clients didn't seem to do the trick. I hope I'm not already having a hardware issue with the eGPU or graphics card. With the prefer eGPU option disabled for both applications in the Applications folder (default Second Life client, and Firestorm Viewer), then it works OK. But what good is me running Second Life on my Intel MacBook Air if I can't use it as of two days ago?
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